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My 2-Day Pre-Travel Juicing Detox

It is my second time to go on a detox program. The first one was last year (read about my post here),  after the holidays. This time I detox prior to our family vacation. Since it was no longer my first time, I considered not blogging about it anymore, but since many of you are still interested in the whole experience, here I compiled (and answered) the most frequently asked questions:
Why Detox?

Prior to detoxifying, I was under a lot of stress and it took a toll in my body. I devoured into fast food, fried viands and took more coffee than usual to get me through the lack of sleep. At some point I felt my body react from all these stress and eating. I felt sluggish, weak, and my mind was not as sharp anymore. I also noticed that I get tired easily and my skin started breaking out. With our upcoming trip then, I realized that I needed to bring up my strength. It is then that I decided to get into the detox program again because I remembered how rejuvenated I felt after my detox then.

Is 2 days enough?

Depends on the person but for me, I think 3 to 5 days is the right way to go since I am no longer a newbie in juicing. But since I only have less than a week before the trip, I knew that I will not have much time for the pre and post preparation if I will take the 5 day cleansing. Plus, I did not want to be bringing any bottles with me in the plane.

Why Skinny Juicery?

I have always wanted to try Skinny Juicery’s Skinnies (SJS) because I have seen a lot of personalities taking it. A good friend of mine (who is also a fashion and beauty blogger) suggested that I should try it. I have also seen good reviews about the taste of the Skinnies, which is why I decided to finally give it a shot.

Why is a Pre-Detox preparation necessary?

One’s body needs to adjust to the change in diet. In order not to shock your body, you need to help it by alerting your system of the upcoming change. A few days prior to my detox, I refrained from eating meat, except chicken and fish (not fried). I am not a rice eater so taking it out of my diet was not a concern, but, otherwise you should slowly eliminate rice in your daily meal. I also loaded up on fruits and vegetables. Since you are not allowed to take CANE (caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, energy drinks) during detox, might as well eliminate it a couple of days before.

How did you find the Skinnies?

For those who are not familiar with juicing, 3 main meals during the entire program are usually the “Greens” in which ingredients of the juice are green vegetable and fruits like cucumber, celery, spinach, lime, etc…. In between are the “Citrus” (orange, apple, carrots, etc..) or “Roots” (beet is the main ingredient).

With Skinny Juicery, I liked that I have several flavors to choose from for every juice group. I am not really a fan of the Greens mainly because of the cucumber, but I find most of their variants really good because of the mixture of other vegetables and fruits. It is more refreshing and I find it easier to gulp even not chilled. The citrus are really good too. It is just like taking a yummy fruit juice drink. The Beets are too sweet for me though, although it is good. Maybe next time I will ask how we can lessen the sweetness.


Of all the juices, my ultra favorites were the Hello Skinnies! These are like the rewards of juicing because of its yummy flavors of Almond, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Watermelon.

Overall, I love the juices of Skinney Juicery. I would recommend it to first time juicers because of its various flavors and the Hello Skinnies.

In terms of customer service, SJPH is very attentive and accommodating. I also like that they have cash on delivery (COD) because this is a very good option for those who are not very comfortable or do not have time to go to the bank to deposit payment.

I also like their post service update wherein they asked how my whole experience was. I take that they value customer feedback and that is a plus point for me.

Did you not get Hungry?

Hats off, this is probably the most frequently asked question to me. The answer is “No”. For the entire day I drank 6 bottles of Skinnies, plus a cup of tea in the morning and evening, plus several glasses of water.In fact, I find it really hard to finish all 6 bottles because I was already so full. But it does not mean that you will not feel anything, because like what I said, the body will adjust with just liquid intakes so your reaction throughout the juicing will depend on how well you prepared for it. You might feel light headed especially during the first day but after a while it get better.

Will I lose weight?

Ok, next to the question above, this is the 2nd most popular. I am most careful when answering this because I really did not want to give false hope of empty promises. But as an answer, yes, one will lose weight, BUT, just temporarily. Remember, for a couple of days you will only take pure juices made of the freshest fruit and vegetables and with it you will eliminate toxins. Naturally, one will lose weight. BUT REMEMBER, if after juicing you go back to a very unhealthy lifestyle, then you will DEFINITELY GAIN BACK the weight FASTER THAN YOU LOSE them.

Oh, what will I gain from juicing then?

The goal in juicing must be to help to body lose the toxins. If you want to lose weight, then this should be a jumpstart and you must commit yourself to continue what you started so as not to waste money. Remember, juicing is quite expensive so you must be able to maximize the full benefits of it for a long time. The weight lose can be seen right way, that is the most obvious effect and that can inspire you to find ways to maintain. Other than that, juicing can energize you and strengthens your body. It can also result to clearer skin.

How was your feeling after detoxifying?

My last day of juicing was Friday and by Sunday we are on our way to Singapore already. I felt light, and my mind was sharp. It was a tiring trip but I felt energized and strong throughout. It was an intelligent decision to get into juicing prior to our travel. An added benefit is that, because of the weight loss, I looked better in pictures! haha!


I do hope I was able to answer all your questions regarding detoxifying thru juice cleanse. Juicing is tough and quite a challenge. Before getting into it, one must be prepare and commit. It is a one step to a healthy lifestyle. Feeling brave to try it? You should! Let me know how it turns out for you!



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