October 16

Inside Mom Kat’s Bag

It is time for a bag raid!

Compare the contents of your bag now that you are a mom to that of pre-motherhood. Big difference right? Before you were a mom the basic items inside your bag are most probably your makeup kit, wallet and phone. But now that you have kids, I am sure that you even try to limit these makeup kits into just lipstick  or gloss. Believe it or not, I even forget to bring a comb nowadays. Want to know what is inside my bag now? Well aside from my kid’s separate bags, here are my mommy must haves and are a frequent stuff inside my bag:

1. Baby Wipes

This has became my best buddy since I became a mom. I can not leave the house without it now. I can use it to not only to tidy up my first born EA, or to freshen up Little H after a bathroom break, it can also be used to clean any surface. I am very particular about tables and chairs so I make it appoint to wipe it before we use it.

2. Crackers

Sometimes it takes forever for a restaurant to serve a food. Crackers are a quick fix to lessen hunger. It can also be a good distraction for bored toddlers.

3. Umbrella

Rain or shine I need an umbrella. I am limiting my children’s exposure with the ultraviolet rays to I always make it a point to bring one.

4. Fan

My kids have every active sweat glands. I am serious. Just make EA stand in a non-air conditioned room for 5 minutes and for sure he will be dripping in sweat afterwards. That is why I always bring a fan just in case the ventilation is not enough keep my kids cool.

5. Dry tissue

EA does not like wet hands. So after wiping his hands with a baby wipe, he always looks for a dry tissue to remove any excess moisture left. I also use it to wipe dishes or utensils in case I get picky.

6. Phone

Thank heavens for modern technology, phones became multipurpose nowadays. Aside from the basic function of texting and calling, phones can be an entertainment device especially when travelling. I have children nursery rhyme videos for my toddler and music playlist for my school aged boy. Keeps them entertained, well, for a limited time.


Germs are lurking everywhere and since our Little H, being a preemie baby, he is always susceptible to viruses and sickness. That is why it has became a habit and precaution for us ever since he was a baby to rub our arms and hands with alcohol before holding him.

8. Bottler of Water

I make it a point to bring our own water for safety reasons. It also lessens the chances of my kids drinking soda. Aside being  thirst quencher, water can be used to moisten any cloth to wipe any dirt on your kids’ face or hands, or to clean any surface.

9. Gauze Cloth

In our country this is called “lampin” or just plain old gauze diaper. This is probably the most multi-functional cloth because it can be used from birth to school age.

These gauze cloth can function as a hand drier, or can be used to wipe sweaty kids and wipe dirty face. It can also be used as a pillow or a cover if in case it gets too cold or a burp cloth for little H. When traffic is horrible, we even use it to play!

All these stuff definitely does not fit into a regular bag. You will be needing a much bigger one than a tote bag. But do not fret. You do not have to get stuck with baby bags with cute cartoon prints. There are fashionable but cheap bags that can fit all these stuff. Here are some trendy mommy- friendly bags i found at http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Bags-100542/


I always go for squared bags because it is sturdy, and thus, my stuff are easy to find and organize. And that leopard print is definitely something to love!

 Loving the rich blue color of this bag. Big zippers also mean that it is wide enough to easily shove your things when in a hurry. When you have very active kids, believe me, most of the time you will be shoving things inside your bag while either running after them. Well, that is if you are in your most comfortable shoes which you might find here http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Shoes-101913/.

How about you? What else is your mommy essential aside from the list above?

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13 thoughts on “Inside Mom Kat’s Bag

    1. kat (Post author)

      I agree Lindsey! Majority of moms increased bag size to accommodate kids related stuff. thanks for dropping by!

  1. Helen

    I don’t get a bag anymore, I just add my phone, purse and keys to the nappy bag and away we go, but in there are wipes, nappies, juice, snacks and antibacterial hand wash.

    1. kat (Post author)

      I agree Helen. Sometimes a separate bag for us moms gets in the way so better to just bring basic stuff and put it into their nappy bag. thanks for dropping by!

  2. BellaOrd

    I have the same bag content as yours. An afternoon trip with the kids is equivalent to a 3-day trip with my husband alone.


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