October 12

Be a Standout with Jumpsuits in the Office

Aside from the usual blouse, skirt and dress, another good fashion must have for an office girl like me is a jumpsuit. It is non-conventional but just knowing the do’s and don’ts  will help you look chic and fabulous.Here are some of my tips:

1. Stick to plane colored suits

Prints on jumpsuits have the tendency to make it look too casual. Monochromatic shades, however, need not be boring. Choose interesting colors to make it a standout. Or if you want some print, I say choose ones in which prints are on the top part of the suit.

2. Find the perfect shape for you

Consider your body type. Loose jumpsuits on petite frames like me will make me look smaller and baggy. If you are top heavy, choose suits that are a bit loose on the top and slimming on the bottom. Remember that the clothes that you wear should compliment your body shape and not you trying otherwise.

3. Choose jumpsuits with interesting necklines

Necklines can be a valuable detail in your monochromatic jumpsuits. Instead of the round neck ones, look for a v-neck, or square ones. One shoulder suits are also versatile because you can easily transform from daytime to nighttime look.

4. Play it up with Jewelries

Go creative with accessories and jewelries. Wear your jumpsuits with statement belts and/or necklaces. A good pair of cuffs can work wonders too. In fact, with just the right accessories, you can switch from a professional boss at work, to sophisticated babe at night as you hang out with friends. You can check out this site that i found http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Jewelry-100543/ for a vast selection of cheap jewelry.

Feeling confident now to wear jumpsuits? You should! http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Jumpsuits-100535/ has several cheap jumpsuits to choose from. Just keep my tips in mind and I am sure you will rock that jumpsuit in the office.

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