March 21

H’s 2nd Birthday Party at Stacy’s

For H’s second birthday, we opted for a low key and intimate gathering with just our immediate family and H’s friends. Yup, my H has a group of friends already. These are families of Hendrix’s fellow babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) during his 3.5 months stay there. Up until now we still have playdates for the kids. It is great seeing our kids grow together.

Going back to the party, despite being a small one, I was very picky when it comes to the venue. I have several considerations and everything must be met. I wanted it to be exclusive but has a homey feel. Since most of the guest kids are below 2 years old, I want the venue to have a play area. Of course, food must be good. H has a guest list of 25 and I wanted all of us to have a chance to interact to each other while playing with the kids.

I took my time in choosing a venue because I do not want to compromise. In the end I found the perfect, as in the ideal location. All my considerations were met, plus it has very good reviews. We chose Stacy’s at Capitol Greenstreet. I was initially worried because aside from being a known restaurant for its comfort food, Stacy’s is also  a popular party venue and our date might be reserved already. I’ d like to believe that Stacy’s was meant for H because the date and time that we want is free. Best of all, we get to occupy the entire restaurant! Pretty cool, right?

family pix

When I booked Stacy’s almost everything is taken cared of. They covered the decors, food, and sound system. The restaurant is homey and cozy by itself so there are minimal things I wanted for the decor; just the color palette of blue, green and yellow. They got everything right!



For the souvenir, I just bought sand bucket sets for the kids which is in time for summer at the beach.


H was all smiles at his party. Since there just a few of us and the guests were all familiar faces to him, he was not stressed out. He is at his element.


What I like most with intimate gatherings is that we get to talk and catch up with all our guests. And since  everyone knew each other, it is easy to bring the party to life. And who needs a party program when you have toddlers running around? It was so much fun just trying to chase them around.


In the end, we got what we wanted and more. A big thank you to Stacy’s for the beautiful party. I will not be surprised if we will have more parties with them in the future. And to our family and friends, thank you for gracing H’s birthday!

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11 thoughts on “H’s 2nd Birthday Party at Stacy’s

  1. Lara de Chavez

    Hi Mommy! Can you share how much is the reservation in Stacy’s and how much all in all did you spend? Thank you!

    1. kat (Post author)

      Hi Lara. Thank you for dropping by my blog. Reservation fee at Stacy’s is P5,000. I reserved for 40pax although actual guests are only 25 just so we can have the restaurant exclusively for us and the kids can move around freely which costs around 26k exlusive of the cake which I bought outside and the giveaways.

  2. Amor

    Hi Mommy,

    I’m considering stacy’s too! Do you mind sharing the menu you had for your baby? Though I already asked them for the package.


      1. kat (Post author)

        Hi Nikki. thanks for dropping by my blog. I suggest you give them a call to ask for the package. Check their FB site too and leave a comment. Just want to be sure that you will get the most updated version of their package so I think it is better to get it directly from them.

  3. Nikki

    Hello Ma’am. Good day! I was wondering if you could send me their packages as well. 🙂 they’re not replying to my msgs.


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