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Organizing an Alumni Homecoming Event

Alumni homecoming is one of the most exciting post graduation event. It is when after years of not seeing each other in person and pursuing each of your dreams, you and your former classmates go back to school to catch up and celebrate your triumphs and achievements. If you were chosen to be part of the committee who will organize the Alumni Homecoming Event, you will definitely aim for it to be memorable and exciting. To help you in achieving these goals, here are steps to organize an Alumni Homecoming Event:

1. Gather the complete list of all your batchmates. You will definitely will not want to miss out on anybody. Doing so will create an impression that the event is for a handful people only whose invitation is based on biased criteria. If you have a big batch, say 100+ students, appoint representatives for each class whose initial job is to ensure that all classmates are accounted for. With networking sites nowadays like facebook, instagram and twitter, it is easier to locate people and open communication.

2. Set a date and invite at least six months before the event. Nowadays, facebook can be used as a powerful tool to connect to everyone. Send calendar invites to all invitees at least six months before so that people can already plan and make adjustments for the date. Then a month before, you may send the formal invitations. Make sure that you provide the RSVP date. The representatives per class can be responsible in getting number of confirmed attendees for their class. 

3. Set a theme. A theme will help the committee narrow done  the options for decors, music and even food. It will also give the invitees an idea on what to expect during homecoming. It can be hollywood red carpet, vintage, musical, etc.. there are several themes to choose from!

4. Schedule fun activities for all. Whether it is a week long celebration or just for the weekend, there must be activities such as booths, raffle, games,etc..  for everybody. Some even have auctions in which the proceeds will go to charity. The key is that there must be activities for all; despite their preferences and personalities.

5. Do not forget the P-A-R-T-Y! Of course, the most awaited part of every homecoming, is the ball held at the last night which signifies that end of all the festivities. The homecoming party’s theme shall be in tune with the overall theme set in #3 above. Inviting popular bands or groups to play in the event will be a plus factor. And of course, do not forget the crowning of the much awaited, homecoming queen and king.

But hey, even if you are one of the busiest person for that night, it does not mean that you have to look the least put together. Definitely not! In fact, the more that you should look your best so other guests can feel relaxed and be assured that everything is well planned and organized with how calm and beautiful you look.

To look your best, here are some of my suggestions from on 2014 homecoming dresses that will look great on you and yet functional to help you move around organizing the party.

Moving around is easy with this dress since the skirt is tulle making it fuzz free.

I love vintage dress and this one is perfect for homecoming parties.

Elegance in simplicity is what this dress emanates. Heads will definitely turn once you come in.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that you and you friends had fun and even formed a stronger band after night. All your hard work will pay off in the end. Good luck and enjoy your homecoming party!

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  1. Bonz

    i love that vintage dress. lovely style.
    as for organizing the event… hmmm, i think i’ll just be the attendee and not the organizer. haha! 🙂


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