June 29

My Daily Healthy Choices

In my previous post, I wrote about how the decision to change my lifestyle spelled the difference in my commitment to stay healthy.  Now, I would like to share with you what my daily “decisions” are. I want to be healthy, and therefore I must choose to be healthy. It takes practice and extreme amount of restraint and patience and just like any other major transformation, it was hard at first and when craving strikes, it feels like the easiest way is to give up. But nothing is impossible if you set your heart and mind on it.

I know you are curious to know so here are my daily health choices:

1. I choose to keep hydrated. Always.

IMG_1328[1]Yes, water and more water. To increase the health benefits of water, I infuse it with lemon, lime and cucumber. It is said to improve immunity and acts as a detoxifier.

Aside from its cleansing power, drinking water prior to a meal lessens hunger and thus, I do not eat more than I should.

To make sure that I achieve my daily dose of 8 glasses of water, my water bottle is always located to a spot on my table where I can often see it. When I am craving for something, I take a big gulp of water and craving will cease because my tummy is filled.


2. I choose to go green


I make it a point to have vegetable and fruits every day. Right now, because I have limited physical activity, I decided to switch my rice to steamed vegetables. I usually pair my viand with  boiled baguio beans, or carrot and cabbage mix. My snack is usually fruits like apple, pear or grapes. But for those who are rice eaters, I suggest switching to brown rice because it is healthier and it will increase your grain intake.

3. I choose seafood over pork or beef

I am a meat eater and so the decision to eat more seafood is probably my biggest adjustment among all these.  But once I got used to it, I no longer crave for pork or meat. My lunch is usually salmon or tuna which are not fried. I avoid as much as I can, having oil on my food so I always go for grilled, steamed, roasted or poached. After changing my meat preference I noticed that I no longer feel bloated. I feel very light and more active.

4. I choose to take every opportunity to exercise

I am not at all an athletic person. I do not go to the gym. But in my own way, I try to stay fit by incorporating as much exercise as I can in my daily routine. I do stretching upon waking up. I play with my kids a lot; lifting, running, carrying; you will not believe how much calories we burn just by being an active playmate to our kids. On weekends, when my kids wake up early, I stroll around the village with them with a stroller in tow for my second born. And if the afternoon gives a good weather, I go around with them as well.  I also  do the Zumba at home.

I am also a fan of walking. Walking because gives me time to collect my thoughts, to be observant of my surroundings. It gives me the opportunity to appreciate everything around me. Going to work, I enjoy the fact that our parking space is a few blocks away from my office building so I can take the 10-15 minutes walk to the office. Or if I have to commute, I got off still a few blocks and walk my way to the office.

I also prefer taking the stairs. Our office has an escalator more than 20ft. from ground level to main lobby. Even if the escalator is running, I still climb it as if it is an ordinary stairs. Or if the other side of the escalator is turned off, I take that one and climb my way up. I like the adrenaline that it gives me. It sets the right tone for a day’s work.

5. I choose to bring my own food to work

  • IMG_1330[1]

With my preference of food mentioned above (steamed vegetable, oil free sea food), it is a challenge to find a store who sells food like this. Sadly, most of the food being sold to our food court are oily, and high in cholesterol and fats. To avoid being tempted to buy those due to the lack of healthier options, I just bring my own packed meals. Here is usually what is inside my lunch bag:

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Merienda: fruits (apple or pear)

Lunch: Steamed vegetable and seafood

Merienda: fruits/green tea

Dinner ; Soda Cracker

Having my own lunch bag not only helps me on my health, but it also saves me money as well because my meals for the entire day or all in one bag.

6. I choose not to deprive myself

What I listed above may be strict but as what I tell most people who asks about my program, I do not deprive myself. As you will see in my review of restaurants, I eat almost anything when I am out with my family or with my friends. Healthy does not mean deprived. It is only a matter of self-restraint. I do not overeat. And I make sure that I order something healthy like a yummy salad or grilled kebab for everyone.

I do hope I was able to inspire you with my health choices. Have you made the switch? I would love to hear how you are taking those steps to a healthy lifestyle.


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    1. kat (Post author)

      Good for Bert! It is much better to bring your own food at work. I am influencing Sherwin to do the same.


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