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Review-Detoxify Bar

Why did I choose them?

Out of the many stores that sell detoxify juice, I choose Detoxify Bar because they were the most attentive to me as a first time customer. AJ, the first guy from the store who took my call, was very patient and courteous in answering all my questions and concerns regarding detox and their products. It is also great that they have several landline and mobile numbers that I can call to inquiry or to make my order.


Price is very reasonable. The first day set costs around P1,400+ (approx.$31+)  because it comes with a thermal bag to keep juices chilled and fresh while in transit; and P1,295 (approx. $29) on the succeeding days. I consider it reasonable because the juices are pure and they use organic vegetables. Payment is not a hassle as well since it is cash on delivery. It save me time from going to the bank to deposit payment, which is the procedure for some stores. For three evenings they delivered the juices which I will consumer within 24 hours the following day, and each day they come very fresh and cold from a very friendly delivery guy.

The Juices

IMG_1137Green Vegan Detox

Delivered 3 bottles each day, Green served as my breakfast, lunch and dinner. It smelled cucumber and although it has several ingredients, the prominent tastes are cucumber and broccoli. If you love vegetables, you will have no problem gulping down the juice. As for me, although I am a big fan of vegetables, the cucumber smell and taste kind of bothers me, so initially, I have to take the  juice really, really cold and really, really fast. But on the second day, I was able to ask Detoxify Bar to lessen the cucumber. Lo and behold, it made the drinking experience much more pleasant to me. It is very filling so it will really take me 2-3 hours to feel a slight hunger again, which is by then, time to drink your snack juice.

IMG_1143Lemon Detox

A very refreshing snack. Tastes like freshly squeezed lemon with just the a little maple syrup given strategically  so as not to overpower the natural sweetness of the lemon. Now the twist, the cayenne pepper! It gives the juice a spicy kick, you can feel it on your throat! Best to finish while chilled to savor the taste of all three ingredients. This is not as filling compared with Green but your tummy will be satisfied as well.

IMG_1131Red Vegan Detox

Taken as my morning snack on the second day, this one for me tastes like four seasons. Although with cucumber, it is not as strong as Green so it is more enjoyable to gulp down.  Not too heavy on the tummy but makes you feel full at the same time.


Minty Berry Detox

A popular favorite of Detoxify Bar’s customers (based on testimonials from Instagram), and I am one of them too! Minty Berry is sweet and one can really taste the berries! Since I have sweet tooth, I feel in love with the juice upon first taste. Initially, I was worried of the mint mix with the berries thinking it will be an unusual combination, but upon tasting the juice, I can hardly taste the mint. My body is singing happy tunes for this healthy and oh so yummy drink.

IMG_1140Lemon and Chamomile Teas

Taken 30 minutes to 1 hours after lunch (lemon) and dinner (chamomile), the teas are very refreshing and so natural. It reminded me of traditional teas from China. The lemon saved me from my day 1 craving for coffee because it has natural caffeine. Chamomile, on the other hand, is sweet and light. The hot tea taken before bed time serves as a preparation for a good night’s sleep.

Great job Detoxify Bar

Overall, I had a wonderful 3 day experience, thanks to Detoxify Bar, because of both their juices and customer service. The only thing that I can compare it with other detox stores is that it has limited juices to choose from unlike others who has different options for Greens and Snack juices. But I am not complaining because all those delivered to me tastes good!

Other than the juices mentioned above, the store also offers two more flavors and you can create your own mix via their Mashup Detox. Check their website to see the juices. You can also checkout from their site what each ingredient in every bottle of juice does for your body during detox. Pretty awesome right?

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