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My 3-Day Detox Experience

It all started with curiosity

Detox is defined as a process of removing toxins in your body. I got so interested with the juice detox because I have read about the great effects to those who tried it. The juice detox program means that for a certain number of days, no solid food will be taken, instead, the diet will be organic vegetables and fruits turned into juice. My friends who has done it said that after detox they feel lighter, more energetic, and more alert. Some friends even said that it made their skin more radiant and their hair more beautiful. 



If you are thinking of getting into the juice detox program, you have to be determined and committed on it. One has to remember that during detox,  you are not allowed CANE (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, energy drinks). So you have to plan when to get into the program. Pick a date wherein there is not much socializing and eating required from you. I scheduled my detox  after a series of dinners with friends. Some I even have to schedule ahead of time and told them that I will be on detox. I told my whole family too. During the detox program, you will need all the support you can get and telling your friends and family will make them understand why on that particular time, you can not eat. I also considered my work when i set the date. I choose a week wherein there is not that much stress (such as month end since I am an accountant).

You have to prepare your body for this big adjustment. My pre-detox lasted for a week. If part of your daily diet are the “whites” (rice, bread and pasta), you will have to slowly ease out on those. Although I do not eat rice on regular days, my biggest preparation is weaning out on caffeine as well as chicken and sweets.  Only you can set your own pace and can determine how long you need to prepare. Two days before detox, I took only vegetables (salads or boiled veggies) and grilled or steamed fish, and lots of water of course.

Now, as for the number of actual detox days, it really depends on you. But for first timers, 3-5 days is recommended. Mine lasted for 3 days

Detox Time!

IMG_1134I bought my juice at Detoxify Bar ( You can choose your own mix but since it is my first time, i just followed their Ultimate Cleanse program. Check out my review on their products and services. Daily meal plan is a follows:

Breakfast: Green Vegan

Merienda: Lemon or Red Vegan or Minty Berry

Lunch: Green Vegan+Lemon Tea

Meriends: Lemon

Dinner: Green Vegan + Chamomile Tea

In between juices, I drink lots and lots of water with lemon.

The first day is the adjustment phase for me. I guess because of the lack of caffeine, I initially felt sluggish in the morning.  However when I took my lemon tea during lunch after my Green Vegan lunch, I felt a lot better. Because of all the liquids that I have to drink, i felt so full. I just forced myself to drink the chamomile tea at night because i am not used to drinking a lot before I sleep.

2nd and 3rd day, feels like just a normal days for me. I think because my body already adjusted to the juice. In fact I already felt the effects of the juices because I feel light, more focused and more energized. I was also not sleepy anymore. I was able to do my daily tasks at work more effieciently.

Overall it was a good 3 days for me. I used to think I will experience bouts of hunger but I did not. I felt full without the bloated feeling (evidenced by a flat tummy!).

Post detox

Since I prepared my body for detox, I will also have to prepare my body to go back to my regular meal routine. So for two days, I will be into vegetables and fish again. Then will introduce tea again in 3 days before I take my coffe again.

A couple of days after detox I noticed that my skin is fairer and smoother. I feel light and even though I already went back to my regular diet, I noticed that I no longer feel bloated. Speaking of bloated-ness, my tummy flattened and my bulges disappeared. Also, because detox requires drinking a lot of water, it also became my habit even after I am done with detox. My energy level is up as well and I no longer feel sleepy or tired especially in the afternoons. I do not anymore need the artificial boost of coffee to perk me up.

You want to try? Here’s my tip

I know most of you will ask about the weight loss. Yes, I did lose quite some weight in 3 days. Although I will not tell you how many pounds because I do not want you to take it as a benchmark. Remember that our body reacts differently. If you want to lose weight, remember that detox is just a jumpstart. It will be so easy to gain the wight back as soon as you resume your usual diet. Detox will help, but only up to the extent that you are in it. As much as you commit yourself to getting into the detox, you will also have to commit yourself to the the change in lifestlye  after. Watching what you eat and getting as much exercise as you can will help you maintain what you achieved from your detox.  Also, please try not to cheat! Since detox is expensive do your best to stay committed to not eating solids, that way, you will maximize the benefits.

So good luck on your detox program if you intend to try! Just prepare and have fun!

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