October 15

Fearless. Empowered. Stain Free.

I was one of the lucky girls who was¬†invited to be part of the launch of Ariel’s new product built to wash 100 kinds of stains, in just 1 wash!

The launch was also a summit for women which aims to empower us all as 10 women from different fields, equally fierce and fearless, get to share their stories and insights. The venue was buzzing with excitement!

Before the program begun, we were given a shirt each and we get to choose which stains will we write our fears on. And boy, oh boy! There are indeed a lot of them!

i chose tomato sauce (im such a dork when i eat so this stain is definitely close to heartūüėā).¬†I wrote my fear of not being given opportunities and not be heard just because I am a woman.

All these shirts, including those of the celebrity influencers were dumped into the bin of fears. Later these shirts were loaded into several washing machines lined up inside the venue.

Bianca Gonzalez hosted the event and with her are ten equally successful and fearless women in their own fields; Emmeline Versoza, Miriam Quiambao, Mandy dela Rama Santos, Mons Romulo, Amina Rasul, Samira Gutoc-Tumawis, Marilou Chua and Toots Ople.

As  the 100 shirts are tumbled inside the washing machine. the 10 celebrity influencers get to share their insights and experiences on empowering women and how to rise upon their own fears. TESDA representatives also talked about how more and more women who get into male driven careers. It was enlightening!

Of course the highlight of the event is the presence of the brand ambassador, Ms Kris Aquino. As soon as she went on-stage, cameras and phones went up; all eagerly hoping to get a good photo of the queen of all media. During the interview by Bianca Gonzalez, she talked about her greatest fear, which is that something bad will happen to her family. As a mom, this is what we are mostly afraid of. While this is something that we have no control off, it still pays to be careful and take necessary precautions, especially for a public figure like her. During the open forum, we were also given the chance to ask questions to Ms Kris, which she gladly and honestly replied, even those questions asked by the press.

After the forum, we want back to the main order of the day and check on the 100 shirts with our fears represented by 100 stains, From this…


To this!!

Amazing product Ariel is! Imagine all those precious hours¬†that moms will save from trying so hard to remove all those unwanted stains from our family’s loved clothes? With Ariel, it is instantly gone, no handwashing needed!¬†Moms can make use of those extra hours to be the super mom that they are!

On a personal note, this Ariel experience has been an amazing and inspiring one for me. I met a lot of people and happily listened to their stories. Just too bad I did not get to have a photo with the wonderful mommy bloggers that I met during the event.

I was inspired by the stories shared b y the 10 Filipinas who in their own way are trying to make a difference in this world with things that they do. It made me realize that as a woman, I can be an agent of change. Each of us has a lot to offer to others and to this world.

And lastly, this summit uplifted me. Ms Kris Aquino, in my quest to find the strength to cross over to that zone of “acceptance” in dealing with the disabilities of my son, reminded me of all my beautiful blessings; a wonderful husband, an understanding first born son and supportive family and in-laws. She reminded me to focus on giving my son all the support and love that he needs so he will thrive and be the best that he can be. Ms. Miriam Quiambao, in her kindest of heart, approached me after our group picture to personally give me words of encouragement and convey God’s message for me. I was deeply touched with her gesture. I left the summit with a full heart and renewed spirit.

In my attendance to this summit, Ariel truly lived up to its promise, 100 stains were removed in one wash, from stains on my clothes. I left the summit not just with a crisp white shirt but with a washed spirit, ready to face the stains of the world awaiting for me.




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