July 3

Lovers in Singapore

In parenting two boys, running a household, having our own jobs, having that “we time” for Daddy S and I is not that easy. Our usual couple moments are dinners or movie nights. But last month, we I got a rare chance to have that exclusive time together outside the country. Our destination, Singapore!

Guilty as we are in leaving our boys behind, we are excited for this trip. The last time that we had an out of country adventure as just husband and wife was way back 2011 when we went to London. That was five years ago!

It was a very short trip, but we gladly took it. Four days was enough to rejuvinate our husband and wife spirit, and not too long to miss our kids a lot.

First stop is Botanical Garden. I wanted to go somewhere where I can just walk and enjoy nature. Our past trips had been all about amusement parks and adventure rides, so this time I wanted something more peaceful.

Botanical Gardens is a huge park. Good news is, entrance is free!

Most of the time spent there is by walking and walking. I love nature and this is the perfect place to just bask in the greens and other varying colors of nature.

Inside Botanical Garden is an Orchid garden. It has a minimal fee but if you love flowers and into nature photography, then this is worth paying for.

Next stop is Gardens By the Bay. Although this place is best visited at night as it looks amazing with all those lights.


Just across Gardens By the Bay is Marina Bay Sands. It has a famous mall that houses the most expensive brands. It is also popular for its view by the bay. Last year when we went here, there were laser light and fountain shows at night but we were told that this is no longer shown here anymore.

At the back of Marina Bay Sands awaits a great gastronomic discovery , as introduced by my Ate Lhen, Glutton Bay.

We were inching to eat local and authentic food and this place was perfect! The spicy crabs were the best! Their fried rice was also a big hit for me. Daddy S loves the prawns. Seeing him eat made me wish I do not have allergies so I can devour on it too! Ate Lhen also introduced me to Singapore’s coffee! I love its richness of flavor!

Aside from feasting on all these food, we also get to see this magnificent view of the Marina Bay Sands mall. It never grows old for me; this beautiful mall and the great view of the bay.

The following day was packed. Early morning we went to see the Merlion up close. The last time were there we were with the kids so we only saw it from afar. It was raining really hard so we decided to just let time pass sipping hot coffee.

Once the rain stopped, we went back to Merlion and just took one photo after the other. Believe me, when you have kids, taking a lot of photos is in just one location is a struggle. Hahaha!

From Merlion, we took a bus and went to the Suntec City to see the Fountain of Wealth. It is said to bring good luck to those who get to touch small fountain at the center of the base. Though we did not get to touch it since it was raining hard the main fountain is running, it was still amazing to see one of the largest fountains in the world.

Next, we went to the shopping district of Singapore,Orchard Road. During our vacation, it was also The Great Singapore Sale, and thus, the whole street, were screaming sale sale sale! It was a shopper’s delight as even the expensive brands were on a major price drop!

Before the night fell, Ate Lhen toured us around Raffles Hotel and Victoria Street for some beautiful and intricate architecture.

Another gastronomic adventure happened over dinner when, Kuya Edil and Ate Lhen took us to Chijmes Hall, also in Victoria Street for an all-meat experience! From beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and sausages, name it they will bring it to you! After all, they did not name the restaurant Carnivore for nothing, right?

There is no better way to end our short but sweet Singapore-get away by hanging out at Level 33 Craft-Brewery Restaurant and Lounge to see and marvel at this breathtaking view of Singapore!

Our trip to Singapore will not be this memorable and enjoyable without our host, Ate Lhen and Kuya Edil. Thank you guys for taking us to beautiful places and amazing food experiences!

While some couples might feel guilty about going on a trip together without the kids, I still highly suggest that you do. We too felt guilty leaving our kids behind (which is why the vacation was super short), but the effect in our relationship was very noticeable. It is very much different travelling together with kids, because our focus was just them. unlike when we are together, we got the chance to just talk, bond and savor the moment of just being me and him again. I re-discovered and discovered things about my husband again , simply because I was focused on him alone.


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