June 20

5 Reasons Why “Paano Ba ‘To” is A must have for Filipino Parents

“Paano Ba Ito” , written by Filipino Celebrity, Biance Gonzalez, is a book that aims to serve as a guide for teenagers up to young adults on how to handle growing up issues. From the time it was released and even up to now, it remains to be among the best selling books in the country written by a Filipino author.

For my sheer love for books, I bought one and was surprised on how much I like it. It is a given that the book is for the younger generations, but for a parent, here are my reasons why you need to have it too:
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July 13

BOOK REVIEW: 7 Things Every Wife Should Know

IMG_1145[1]Written by Viviene Bigornia, 7 Things Every Wife Should Know talks about the virtues that a wife must continually have to maintain a loving and peaceful relationship with her husband. Each chapter discusses why each virtue is important and the challenges on attaining it and how it can be resolved. It is made personal by the experiences of the author and actual couples she interviewed, made more meaningful by bible verses.
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June 22

The Voice Kids Philippines -Blind Auditions

I am becoming a fan of the popular The Voice Kids here in the Philippines. Though this show has several versions in different countries, and already has one season done here in the Philippines, I like this season more because it showcases the talents of children up to age 14. Filipinos love to sing and many of our countrymen are really good singers. This show only strengthens that because at such a young age, one can already see the amazing talent in them. I also like the concept of the Blind Auditions, in which The Voice franchise is known for, because the coaches will choose the contestants based on voice quality alone as they can not see the singers on the stage unless they turn or up until the end of their performance.
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May 2

Review-Detoxify Bar

Why did I choose them?

Out of the many stores that sell detoxify juice, I choose Detoxify Bar because they were the most attentive to me as a first time customer. AJ, the first guy from the store who took my call, was very patient and courteous in answering all my questions and concerns regarding detox and their products. It is also great that they have several landline and mobile numbers that I can call to inquiry or to make my order.

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June 9

Mom Kat Recommends: TEAM UMIZOOMI

Team Umizoomi is a Nickelodeon show of three friends who takes on different adventures in order to help their friends. The main objective of the show is to teach preschoolers the concept of math such as counting, shape sorting, patterns, additions, subtractions and skip counting. I also liked how it teaches the value of team work and  patience. My son started watching its episodes even before he started school. On his second year in pre-school, they started having more math drills even at home.   I noticed he did not have a hard time at all. I can say that the show helped him early on.
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January 7

BOOK REVIEW: Desperate: Hope for the Mom who needs to Breathe

Motherhood is such a big responsibility, a calling. The journey is rewarding but also challenging. It requires a lot of love, patience, time and strength . Yes, strength not just in physical aspect but more importantly emotionally and spiritually. At some point a mom will get overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and expectations. If not guided, an overwhelmed mother will result to an angry and unhappy one which will also affect her home.
Desperate: Hope for the Mom who needs to Breathe is a book written by two friends who experienced their own challenges  as moms.The book mostly discuss the issues of a stay at home mom but a working mom like me can still very much relate. The frustrations, fears and disappointments of moms are common, whether stay at home or working. The authors, Sarah Mae and Sally shares their own struggles and how they were able to cope with it. Each chapter begins with Sarah Mae writing to Sally and sharing her parenting struggles. Sarah Mae is very relatable. She writes her experiences and makes me feel like we are going thru the same struggles. Sally, on the other hand, is  a mentor every mom wishes to have. Shes is caring, inspiring and uplifting. Her words of wisdom came from years of experience taking care of her now adult children. Her experiences led her to the Lord’s path. She is a true testatement that if one totally lifts their lives and their family to God, things will fall into place.  
The book talks about the challenges of moms such as dealing with housework, disappointments in disciplining children, handling stress and depression, all in the Christian way. I would not call myself a very religious person but I was able to relate and it even helped me deal with my personal issues as a mom. A personal favorite part of the book is the YOUR TURN portion. It gives a deeper reflection of what was discussed and gives mothers the chance to reflect on their own situations.
Personally, this book has an impact on me. The book came to my life when I’m at my lowest as a mom when my second born baby is very sick. Reading the book, I was able to relate to the feeling of being tired most of the time, being angry, confused, and doubting myself. The book made me realize several things: (1) that I am like just most moms who are expecting myself to be perfect (2) that moms need to find time for themselves and should not feel guilty about it  (3) having a family that is centered in the Lord is the most effective parenting formula.  The book allowed me to personally reflect on myself and analyze myself as a mom. Thru it, I was able to accept certain realities of my life. I was able to identify the cause of my frustrations and even anger.  The realization and acceptance led to a change in my outlook in life, in my faith.
This book I believe should be in every mom’s shelf, especially, moms of young children. When things get too much to handle, one can open this book and feel that she has found friends in Sarah Mae and Sally.
Below are some of my favorite lines from the book
  • A happy mom who is secure in herself and at ease in her life is a rare gift that children love and appreciate.
  • Determine for yourself what you hope to be the outcome of your family. What legacies do you want to leave for your children?
  • I want to be a safe place for my children. I want them to see that my arms are open and I love them no matter what they do. 
  • We cannot be successful as moms alone, no matter how hard we try. But God with us is more than enough to build a wonderful legacy and influence. 
  • When all else seems hopeless, and yet I still turn to hope, it brings great honor to God and renders Satan utterly powerless. 
  • Happy mom is a real gift to her children. When we quiet our souls before Him and close off those outside sounds, we can once again hear His words, and be led by Him in goodness and truth.
  • What a mother is called to be: a warrior who will not give up or cease to keep fighting the battle for her children’s souls.
November 8

LEGO @ Shell!

I grew up surrounded by Lego® because my brother has several models. It is a great toy as it improves hand eye coordination especially for younger kids and broades imagination as well. My firstborn son is also becoming very fond of these cute blocks. However, his interests is more on car models which is why Lego® is not his favorite toy yet.

But Shell Philippines came up with this wonderful promotion wherein you can buy a Lego® Ferrari model for every purchase of gas! Very affordable! How cool is that?!
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September 13


Raising a child is a big challenge for parents, especially first time moms like me. I often wonder if my experiences in raising EA are the same with most parents. And now that he’s a toddler, challenges seems to come in everyday. Aside from words of wisdom from my mom and mother-in-law, my constant and reliable companion in this journey to toddlerhood is the book What to expect the Toddler years. The title may be familiar to some. This is actually a spin-off of the famous What to expect when you’re expecting and What to expect the first year books
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