August 4

Newbie Moms’ FAQs on Cloth Diaper

DSC00019I am happy that more and more of my friends are interested in having their little ones cloth diapered (CD). I also feel honored whenever moms seek my opinion and advice in their decision to go CD.

To help more parents out there, I have compiled the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) by CD newbies:

What is the difference and benefits of using modern cloth diapers (CD) as compared with (1) traditional cloth diapers  and (2) disposable diapers (DD) ? 
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November 4

Cloth Diaper Review

My son has sensitive skin and he tends to get really nasty diaper rash from wearing disposable diapers. This is the main reason why I decided to switch to cloth diapers. Later, I found out that aside from protecting my baby’s skin, it is also very earth friendly and saves me money from buying expensive disposable diapers weekly!
Gone are the days when cloth diapers are merely “lampins” (gauze cloth diapers) (but my son still uses this at home at times) which can be very irritating for the baby because it can only last one wetting. Nowadays there are several cloth diapers in the market which can lasts as long as disposable diapers.

 I admit, I got so addicted buying these cute one size cloth diapers! I tried several brands to find out the best one for my baby. Let me share with you my personal review of the ones we’ve tried:

 Alva Baby


Thumb up: Of all l the brands I’ve tried, Alva has the most number of cute designs to choose from for boys and for girls. You can choose one depending on you and your baby’s mood!

 Alva is also cheaper than most brands. Here in the Philippines, it costs around P299-P300 per piece .

 Alva is also not that bulky, thus more convenient for baby

Thumb down: Alva’s inner lining is not that absorbent. After 2-3 wettings, I can already smell and feel that my baby’s diaper is wet. It can only lasts about 2-3 hours only. 


Next9 and Baby Leaf

These are two different brands but products are so much alike.

Thumbs up:

Both brands’ Inner linings are made of cotton amd thus, very absorbent. It can lasts up to five hours unless there is poop. But for hygienic purposes i only let my son use it for a maximum of four hours or less.

Both brands are also ffordable. Price is P350 per diaper

Thumbs down:

Both diapers are bulky especially for newborns. But as they grow, the diaper will fit them more comfortably.


Charlie Banana

Thumbs up:
Charlie Banana’s inner lining is made of cotton and very absorbent.
Although a one-size diaper, it is not as bulky as Next9 or Babyleaf.

Thumbs down:

Charlie Banana is more expensive than most brands. Price is between P1,000-P1,200 ($24-29$) per diaper.

Personal Note:

My son use all these brands. At home, he uses his Alva diapers since it is more convenient to change diapers in between. Then at night, he uses his Next9 and BabyLeaf and since it is more absorbent, he gets a good night’s sleep. For days when he has to go out for checkups, he uses his Charlie Banana diapers so it will not be bulky when worn with those cute pants or shorts.

Finding the right brand will all depend on your baby’s needs and of course your budget. But if you will buy one, the best ones are the one-size diapers so your baby can use it as he grows. It can be expensive at first as you are building your stock but once you have collected an acceptable number, you will no longer need to buy disposable diapers and thus savings begins.  Happy cloth diapering!