September 18

Small Birthday Parties made Special

My first born, EA is a very shy type of kid. He is not very comfortable in large crowds and being the center of everyone’s attention. In fact, since he was born we have not thrown him a big and grand party. For his 1st and 2nd birthday, we just made reservations to a restaurant and had lunch with family and some of EA’s godparents. On his 3rd birthday, he opted to spend our day at Ocean Park.

However, when EA started going to (pre) school, it is inevitable that he celebrates his birthday in school because it falls on a school day. His pre-school allows mini parties during snack time with his classmates and I think he is more comfortable with that because it is just his classmates, teachers, and us. Of course as a Mom, even though it is a small party, I still want it well planned and memorable especially for him. Here is how I plan EA’s mini parties in school:
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