July 5

First Month in Big School

Heinel in big schoolIt is July so it means our EA has already been in his new BIG school for almost a month now. He is slowly adjusting and as each day progresses, I am convinced that after all our considerations, we enrolled him in the right school (read about our decision process here).  Just like his former school, his big school has a small classroom setup with just 24 students (boys and girls) and 1 teacher. This made the adjustment easier for him. During those times when I fetched him, I saw that he is already talking and sharing some good laughs with his classmates and he mentions some of their names to me when I ask who plays with him often.
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April 27

The BIG Big School Decision

A few years ago, I blogged about our son Heinel, getting ready for preschool and what factors we considered in choosing the school for him. And now, 3 years later, Heinel is finally done in pre-school and is about to be in the 1
st grade in big school.

Heinel has an introverted personality, and his preschool, Creative Explorers for children, did a great job in building his self-confidence. It was actually sad that just when he got really comfortable in his school, he has to say goodbye and transfer to a big school.
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