January 31

Our story of struggling with Trust

When I check my Instagram, I usually scroll through it quickly, tap “Like” if I found a post interesting or nice, then move on. But this particular quote made me stop and stare for a few minutes:

I have seen this before, We even say it out loud. But following this, deeply and sincerely following this, at one point in our lives became a struggle.
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Category: My Family
January 9

Pretty Ravishing in Red

If there is one staple in your closet, what is it? Well mine is red. I like this rich color because it signifies strength, confidence and sometimes power. I usually wear red on days when I feel less confident or if I am about to present something to a number of people. The color somehow gives me the boost that I need.

Wearing red can be intimidating at first. Others find it too strong. I did too initially. I just have one rule when it comes to wearing my favorite color and that is keep it simple.

How do I do this? Well for one, I am always particular when it comes to fabric. The fabric will set the tone of the dress.

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December 14

Trench Coat Ideas

Every year I am looking forward to our office Christmas Party because it is the time to let loose and interact to all the members of our organization. Aside from all the fun, all of us are looking forward to the Christmas theme. I am because this year our group will be sporting winter fashion! We are eyeing the prize on this one so we are going to put our best effort to come up with the perfect runway look.

When I was told that we will have to strut the runway with Winter Fashion, the first thing that came to my mind are fur and coats. For a tropical country like ours, it is tricky to get coats because although we can already feel the December chill, we do not have snow so an overly thick coat will not work. I got my fingers working and searched for the trench coats at Dressve.com and here are some of my favorite Dressve trench coat:

I am just so in love with this white cherry Trench Coat. Who will not smile upon seeing this?  It is almost half the price at $43.69. Get it here

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