March 11

Photo of the Week: Big heroes visits Little Heroes

We all need superheroes to save the day. Even if “saving the day” means putting a smile to a sick child’s face when they need it so much. It may seem little to some, but for these kids, it can spell the difference between “giving up” and finding hope.

Photo Credits:

An excerpt from “The “Captain America” actor donned his red, white and blue costume Saturday during a visit to the Seattle Children’s Hospital”,  about a month after fellow Marvel superhero Chris Pratt stopped by a Boston Charity  dressed as his “Guardians of the Galaxy” character, Star-Lord.”

“AMAZING day at @seattlechildren (with) @prattprattpratt,” Evans tweeted. “Met some TRUE super heroes! Feeling inspired, blessed, touched. Thank you (with) all my heart.”

Great job Captain America!

March 9

Video of the Week: A Fan of Taylor Swift Early On

Taylor Swift; either you love her or you hate her. Well this baby definitely loves her. The young pop star can make this baby girl stop crying in an instant! How cute is that?

Although the baby may just be curious with the sound and not entirely on Taylor Swift’s voice, but nevertheless it is cute!

I hope this video brings a smile to your face like it did to mine. Happy Monday!

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March 8

A Legomovie Themed Party for EA

“Awesome @ 7”! That is our official tagline for EA’s 7th birthday party. He has always been a very shy boy and for a time her really did not like the idea of having a party and having all the attention to him. But big school experiences that started last year made him more confident. He (finally) agreed to celebrate his 7th birthday (much to my delight!) by having a party! If you are thinking of having the same theme for your child, you might be able to get some ideas from our party. Most of our party ideas are from the internet!

The invitation are the guests first impression of the party. The format I got from the internet but changed the icon to “Emmett”, the lead character from the Lego Movie.
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March 5

Photo of the Week: ” How Adam Levine and Maroon 5 Mingled with Fan With Down Syndrome when he had Jitters”

The internet is such a wide place. We can now see things at it happens. It is a venue to learn and to inspire.

With all those wonderful, positive and inspiring stuff in the net, I decided to post 1 picture every week. And this week, I chose the very nice and compassionate gesture of Adam Levin and Maroon 5, when its fan with Down Syndrom had a panic attack upon meeting them.

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March 2

Video of the Week: Groom Makes Wedding Vows To 3-Year-Old Stepdaughter In Emotional Video

I am starting a new feature which is a the Video of the Week. In here I will share heartwarming, funny and inspiring videos I have seen from the internet, and later will share why it made an impact on me.

There is no better way to start this feature than posting a very inspiring and heartwarming one. This is the on-site video of NASCAR driver Brian Scott and his bride, Whitney Kay. In here you will see his vow, not only to the bride but to her 3 year old daughter as well.

Video and Story Credit:

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February 20

To 7 years and Beyond!

Oh how time flies super fast. My EA just turned 7!

I have always believed that 7 is a milestone birthday. It is officially when a kid crosses from being a “child” to a “big kid”, or well that is how I explained it to my son. As a mom I guess it is a perfect excuse to be emotional and sentimental, right? As much as it is a milestone, it is also a statement and confirmation that I no longer have a “baby” to take care of. At the same time, it makes me so proud to see his growing independence and confidence in a lot of things; from having friends, to joining school activities. I have always been worried of his “life” in big school but this year he proved that he has matured and can handle being with more kids his age or older than him.

As we have seen him more comfortable in making new friends, our goal this year is to expand his horizon; for him to be further exposed in different activities. School is about to end in March and by then we hope we can get EA to try any sport or art activity. We believe in him and his talents, thus we want to enhance it further,

Oh, the plans that we have for him, so many! I guess that is what parents really are, right? But in my reflection this morning, I realized that we can only foresee things so much. However, at the end of the day, we can not control their future. We are only here to guide them to be good individuals and responsible decision makers. They will make their own future and destiny, and we should support them, and guide them of course but never to dictate them.

So to my son EA, a very very happy birthday to you! Continue being a good and wonderful boy. Your future is a bright as your smile. We love you and we are here to help you reach for your dreams!


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February 20

The New Trend: A Modern Conservative Bride

Several Filipino celebrities got engaged early last year, and thus, at the end of 2014 and this year 2015, we can expect a lot of Celebrity weddings. Of course,the much awaited part of the wedding is always the bride in her wedding gown. If you ask my style, I have always been a conservative type, meaning when it comes to wedding gowns, or at least those worn during the actual wedding ceremony, I prefer gowns that are not too revealing. But “conservative” wedding gowns need not be boring or unimaginative. You can have a jaw dropping gown without having too show too much skin. Want to have ideas? Here are some I found at

A sweetheart neckline is very common and fits almost all body types. You can wear it underneath a lace top for the ceremony. Then later at the reception you may let go of the lace top for a more dramatic look.

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