April 4

Lenten Season 2015

As Catholic, Lent is the season when we remember the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. This is widely celebrated in our country as majority of our population are Catholics.

Daddy S and I are both Catholics and so we wanted to instill our faith to our kids as early as now. This year we had our yearly tradition of Visita Iglesia or praying at seven churches. As we visit these 7 churches, we also did the Stations of the Cross or the journey of Christ to the Cross.

The churches that we visited are:

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April 1

Photo of the Week: An Inspiration Through and Through

This week’s photo is heartwarming not only the picture itself but the story behind it:

It is to be noted that the Nickelodeon Kids Awards is Angelina Jolie’s first public appearance after her ovarian surgery, which is a preventive measure against cancer. And nope, she did not get slimed, although that will be very interesting if it happened.

Despite the many artists today, either in music, television and movies, Angelina remains to be one of the most solidly influential. She does not have rockin’ concerts or tours, nor does she have yearly teen flick movies, and yet she is never out of the popular circle for both men and women. There is an aura of power in her. Her advocacies, her parenting style and even the way she approaches things in general, are noteworthy of a powerful woman. I hope that a lot of women and teens will see that she is follow worthy. I believe her consistency in what she does is what makes her so real to us despite her popularity. This consistency also makes her so reachable and admirable.

I hope you got inspired with the photo, the way I did! Happy mid week to all of you!

March 30

Video Monday: Why Moms Never Get Anything Done

Our video of the week is something that a lot of moms can definitely relate to. Be ready to tickled funny!

Video by Youtube

Can you relate? I remember my EA doing this a lot. There came to a point when I got really frustrated and irritated from all the cleaning up. but you know what, later I realized that he was just so interested in a lot of things. And when he got older, I actually miss having him follow me around the house.

I hope our video brought a smile to your face the way it did to mine! Happy Monday!

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March 23

Video Monday: Pacifier is Mine!

Our video of the week is this cute one from twin sisters:

Video by: Youtube

I guess that explains why twins are “matchy matchy” in everything, right?

I hope this video puts a smile on your face like it did to mine! Happy Monday!

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March 16

Video Monday: Infant says “Hello”!

Watch how a mom gets a sweet “Hello” from her 3-month old baby. This is so adorable that I am giggling after watching it.

Video by: Youtube

Some say it is just coincidence but I believe it is not. The baby is cooing what she heard from the mom. The same thing also happened to us when, Little H, at 4 months old cooed “yeyow” right after Daddy S said to him “do you like yellow? Yellow, yellow, yellow”.  I just wished we were able to capture it too just like this mom did! Of course, we tried making Little H repeat it but he did not. Too bad!

I hope this video made you smile just like I did. Happy Monday!

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March 11

Photo of the Week: Big heroes visits Little Heroes

We all need superheroes to save the day. Even if “saving the day” means putting a smile to a sick child’s face when they need it so much. It may seem little to some, but for these kids, it can spell the difference between “giving up” and finding hope.

Photo Credits: www.nydailynews.com

An excerpt from NYDailyNews.com: “The “Captain America” actor donned his red, white and blue costume Saturday during a visit to the Seattle Children’s Hospital”,  about a month after fellow Marvel superhero Chris Pratt stopped by a Boston Charity  dressed as his “Guardians of the Galaxy” character, Star-Lord.”

“AMAZING day at @seattlechildren (with) @prattprattpratt,” Evans tweeted. “Met some TRUE super heroes! Feeling inspired, blessed, touched. Thank you (with) all my heart.”

Great job Captain America!

March 9

Video of the Week: A Fan of Taylor Swift Early On

Taylor Swift; either you love her or you hate her. Well this baby definitely loves her. The young pop star can make this baby girl stop crying in an instant! How cute is that?

Although the baby may just be curious with the sound and not entirely on Taylor Swift’s voice, but nevertheless it is cute!

I hope this video brings a smile to your face like it did to mine. Happy Monday!

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