February 22

Sending Toddlers to School

During my time, children start to go to school at age 5 or 6. But nowadays, even 6 month old babies have schools designed for them. I used to disagree in sending kids to school at an early age because it might cause them to lose interest later on because of burnout having been exposed way too early. But when my son became a toddler, I had a change of heart. I soon learned that toddlers have very sharp minds and they absorb everything like a sponge. Also, since he is an only child, my son had very limited exposure to kids his age, and thus, he gets very uncomfortable when and shy, to the point of being scared around other people. Furthermore, we noticed that when he’s at home, he gets to watch a lot of television and gets exposed to noontime shows and telenovelas, which are not appropriate for his age. It is for these reasons that we decided that send our son to school at age 3.

Choosing a school for a 3 year old is a crucial decision. We do not want to put him in a traditional school wherein everything is structured and kids are asked to just sit still and listen. We immediately decided to send him to a non-traditional school, or for some, it is called progressive school. I’m not an expert in early child education so I will just use the term non-traditional school instead. The big difference in a non-traditional school is that children have a lot of hands-on experiences. Considering that they are a very young group, the curriculum seems like 2.5 hours of play for them but it is in fact, integrated with comprehension activities, science, social studies, values formation, math and of course, physical education.
My son’s first school year is about to end soon and I must say, sending him to school early was a wise decision. He became more confident and we have seen a great improvement in his social skills. He has also become more considerate of others, more independent and more inquisitive. He is also more articulate.
Parents nowadays are lucky that there are many schools, traditional or non-traditional, to choose from. All you have to do is browse the web to find the school nearest and most convenient to you.
February 14

Things not to stress about during pregnancy

I admit I’m one of those pregnant moms who worry about almost everything. Which is why the article below from babycenter.com helped ease my anxieties. I also added my comments on the items which I was able to relate to.

You can view the article at http://www.babycenter.com/0_what-i-wish-id-known-not-to-stress-about-during-pregnancy_1472865.bc?bclink=section&scid=preg_2_20120209:1&pe=MlVBSVRuSXwyMDEyMDIwOQ.._

BabyCenter moms look back on their pregnancy and tell you what to cross off your worry list.

“Don’t stress if you can’t get everything done that you had planned each day. The baby won’t know if the housework isn’t done!”

“It’s okay to tell co-workers that you’re not interested in their advice. Every pregnancy is different.” – Of course, as Filipinos, our culture is very different. It may be considered impolite to say that you’re not interested in their advice. Rather, just do not take in everything that is being given to you. Choose what and what not to follow. Each pregnancy is different so just listen to your instincts and to your body.
And if you start to get uneasy with the conversation, just say a polite “thank you” and change the subject.

“Remember, every problem has a solution, and confiding in someone who’s close to you or who you think can offer help or support is a step forward. Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner, OB, or midwife.”

“Don’t stress about how you look. You’re performing a miracle — growing a person inside of you — and that’s a fantastic accomplishment.” – I’m guilty of this! I’m trying my best now to follow the advice here

“If you trust your OB, let her do her job and follow her recommendations; if you don’t, find a new doctor who you do trust. You should never be afraid to call your provider with big and small problems.” – I agree. Together with your husband, your OB will be your partner for the next nine months and thus, you should be comfortable with each other. If you’re not comfortable with her or doesn’t fully trust her, then better find one whom you can work better with.

“Don’t stress about tough times with your partner. A baby tests any couple’s relationship.”

“Don’t stress about things like food or weight. Just be sensible. There’s no need to give yourself an anxiety attack over the pint of ice cream you just finished. Take it as your special reward for everything you’ve accomplished so far in your pregnancy, and move on.” – Guilty as charged!

“If you’re doing everything in your power to make healthy choices, don’t worry so much. Women have been having babies since well before we knew what to do and what not to do.”

“Mothers-in-law don’t know everything!”

“Don’t stress too much about things in the environment you think might harm your baby, like standing too close to the microwave or pumping gas. Remember, the vast majority of babies are born healthy.”

“Don’t worry about labor. It is what it is. Just educate yourself on your options, and be ready to make informed decisions. Beyond that, just take a deep breath and go for it. It’s not as bad as you think it’ll be.” – Yes, educating yourself not just in labor but also about pregnancy will be beneficial for you and your baby.

“Don’t stress about how the baby is fending in the womb. It’s a roll cage, but your baby is probably comfortable in there.”

“Every little twinge doesn’t mean something is wrong.” – I believe since we can not see the baby inside our womb, it makes us worry about anything and everything. It is always best to ask your doctor should you have any concerns. Better be safe than sorry!

“No matter what decisions you make, someone will always disagree. Try not to let the negative comments upset you, and if you’re really worried about something, talk with your doctor or a nonjudgmental friend.” – A good and trusted friend is one of the greatest blessings a woman can have during her pregnancy with all the hormones and emotions going haywire!

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question, especially for first-time mothers. Being pregnant and birthing a child are unique experiences, and a woman will never know what it’s all about until she’s actually done it herself.” – I agree!

“It’s okay if you don’t have everything ready for your baby. Newborns don’t need a whole lot in the beginning.”

“When I accepted heartburn, back pain, lack of sleep, and moodiness as a normal part of pregnancy, they didn’t seem to bother me as much anymore.”

“If you’re worried about being a good mom, you probably have nothing to worry about. My husband keeps telling me that bad mothers don’t worry about whether or not they’ll be good moms.”

“I had never really been around children, and I made mistakes, but as long as you love your baby and are careful with the important stuff, you can’t harm him or her with small mistakes. You’ll soon get comfortable with the routine.”

“Don’t stress too much over all the “rules” pregnant women now have. A bath warmer than lukewarm won’t lead to disaster. If you accidentally eat a soft cheese you’re not sure is safe, there’s no use worrying after the fact. Our mothers had fewer restrictions than we do, and we turned out fine.”

Hope this article helps pregnant moms! Have a happy pregnancy!

January 23

Letter for Heinel on his 4th

January 23, 2012

To my son, Heinel,

As I am typing this letter, you are now less than a month from turning four years old. I cannot believe how time flies. It was just yesterday when your Dad and I used to talk to you while you are still inside my tummy and marvel at the miracle of feeling you move. It seemed moments ago when I first held you in my arms and I could not believe how perfect you are. And now you are already our little boy who never runs out of stories to tell and cute antics to share. There are times that I wish that the clock wouldn’t move as quickly so you will not grow up too fast. Every day you are showing me signs of independence and though most of the time I’m too scared to let go of my control of you, I want you know that I’m proud of your accomplishments. From learning how to walk and cite the alphabet; to showing me you can already brush your own teeth and prepare your own milk; these are among the many triumphs in life that I know I will forever be proud of. Your smile every time you succeed in a task is worth more than a thousand riches and fame that life can offer me.
Heinel, having you was the best thing that happened to me and Dad. At times I wonder what I have done so perfectly in my life that made me deserve you. I am far from being a perfect Mom, and most of the time I fell short of being an ideal one, but if you can only see my heart, you will see that every day I am trying to be, at least, the mom that you deserve; not ideal, not perfect, but always loving and willing to give up everything for you. Before you were born, my greatest fear is not knowing how to raise you. I’m a first time mom and changing a diaper was already a challenge, how much more shaping you to be a good person? But just like any other parent, i am raising you with only life experiences as a guide. Each day is a learning process not just for you but most of all for me. We are parenting you “by faith and love”. There is no clear formula, nor there are any shortcuts. Being a parent does not mean that I will always be right. But do trust that whatever decisions that we will make, we have your best interest at heart. And for those instances that I will be wrong, you will hear me say “I am sorry” and pray that you will always be as accepting and forgiving.

My son, if there’s one constant prayer I have each day, that is for you to grow up to become a God-fearing, responsible and hardworking person. Whatever your dreams will be, we will support you. You can be in any field that you want may it be in science, law, arts or even music, but for as long as you have those three traits in you, you will become successful. Give back to society by being a good citizen and by serving others, for success is not to be defined by the money that you have but by the level of contentment and serenity that you will feel as each day ends and you’re all alone and in prayer.
As you read this one day, I pray that you will keep my words in your heart. This will be one of my many letters to you to give you a peek of what’s inside Mommy’s heart. Life may bring me riches and fame, but nothing can compare to the achievement of being called your Mommy. I love you Heinel with all my heart and I will always be proud of you.


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