January 9

Pretty Ravishing in Red

If there is one staple in your closet, what is it? Well mine is red. I like this rich color because it signifies strength, confidence and sometimes power. I usually wear red on days when I feel less confident or if I am about to present something to a number of people. The color somehow gives me the boost that I need.

Wearing red can be intimidating at first. Others find it too strong. I did too initially. I just have one rule when it comes to wearing my favorite color and that is keep it simple.

How do I do this? Well for one, I am always particular when it comes to fabric. The fabric will set the tone of the dress.

Next is, I go for silhouettes that re friendly to my body. Since I am petite, dresses like mermaid cuts or empire cuts are what I usually choose to give me the illusion of height.

And lastly, I wear minimal accessories. And just find those with nice accents in the dress like this one.

My fondness for red is clearly shown even on special events in my life. My gowns during my 18th birthday (debut) were both red. Even during my wedding, my theme includes red in it. I adore  red evening gowns and red evening dresses especially this year’s fashion evening dresses 2015 for formal occasion.

By the way gorgeous evening dresses above are from http://www.weddingshe.com/list/EveningDresses-2015-112635/.

I hope I gave you great ideas on how to wear your reds. Catch you again soon!

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