December 18

Chocolates for Everyone!

I like personalized gifts but since my husband, Daddy S, has a long gift list for office, it will be impractical to give each a personalized one. Since almost everyone likes chocloates, we decided to make it his giveaway this year.

However, I still want his gifts to have a personal touch and some labor of love so I decided to get into semi-DIY chocolate boxes to serve as Daddy S’ Christmas giveaways. It is semi-DIY because i did not make the container. Rather, I bought Christmas canisters. Then to give it a touch of our personality, we chose our favorite chocolates to put iniside each; Hershey’s kisses, M&Ms, Kitkats, Snickers, Toblerone, Hershey’s Nuggets; are among the chocolates. For the bigger canisters, I also put in some candy canes.

To seal the box, I wrapped a white ribbon which I purchased from a local bookstore per yard.

Here are the finish products:

These DIY cohoclate boxes are much cheapr than if you buy those in sets already.


You can do this too! This works not just for Christmas but on all other occasions. In fact This is similar to what we did for our Wedding souveniers wherein we gave our gusest a small box of kisses choclocates.

I suggest buying canisters in bulk at craft stores so you can get a discount. Or you can also use or create boxes and just decote it. Then the chocolates are best bought at Duty free stores since the prices are lower. Or for bigger boxes maybe you can mix chocloates with candies and small snacks? Do not put too much thought in it. Just have fun!

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