December 6

Flashback: Little H’s First Christmas at Home

Just this week Little H was admitted to the hospital again due to pneumonia. It scared us, and memories of December 2012 came back when Little H had to spend his first Christmas in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Second to his preterm birth, it was one of the most challenging times we had as a family. Good thing that Little H was a strong boy and his hospitalization took only 3 days this time.

Now that he is at home with us, it made me look back at our Christmas celebration last year, 2013. It was memorable and emotional because it is Little H’s first Christmas at home. Let me share some of our photos:

We heard mass on Christmas eve. Then at midnight, the kids wore matching Christmas pajamas! Kuya (big brother) EA was so game!

As a Catholic family, Christmas is not complete without the Nativity which symbolizes the simplicity and holiness of the Christmas celebration. We are always looking forward to the nativity display at church.

We also went to see the famous dancing Christmas light display at Ayala Triangle Gardens.


 This year, we will still do the our traditions ; hear mass with the whole family, noche buena (midnight dinner) and exchange gifts. However this year, since EA is big enough, I let him help with putting up our Christmas tree. He even assisted me with my DIY project of gate garland. Each year we have a color theme, and this year it is blue and silver; thus the decors inside our house are in those colors. I found cute and unique Christmas ornaments at which can go well with different themes that one can think of.

After all our family has been through, the Christmas season became more meaningful. It made us realize the true essence of the celebration and that is to celebrate the birth of Christ. It is all about love and family.

How about you, what are your Christmas family traditions?


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  1. Kate

    I am so glad your family is complete, healthy and at home together this Christmas. Such lovely photos, thank you for stopping by my blog! #weekendbloghop


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