November 25

Lolita at work?

I admit, sometimes corporate dressing can be boring. Which is why I look forwards to smart casual Fridays at work because it is the time of the week when we can be expressive with our sense of style. My style usually depends on my mood for the week. There are times I want a laid back style, while some days I want to bring out the fashionista in me. It is always fun and definitely something that I look forward to every week.

This week, I came across cosplay when I was browsing through a friend’s Halloween party pictures. Among all the cosplay outfits, I really find Lolita dresses interesting and cute. I am an all-out girl and it means I love laces, necklines, and mini dresses. It got me wondering, can I pull it this outfit off on the corporate world?

It is a good thing I found these Tidebuy Lolita dress which I think will work in the corporate setup.

I find the neckline of this Tidebuy Gothic Lolita dress because it somehow brings sweetness to this all black ensemble.

Simple dress yet interesting ball skirt is the highlight

Both these dresses can also be transformed from office to  and after office activities. At the office, dresses can be worn with blazers cardigan paired with high heels. After work, I will just take off my blazer and kick off my stilettos and wear something more comfortable like flat shoes or wedges. Other dresses like this can be found at in which you can find Tidebuy Lolita dress; Tidebuy gothic Lolita dress; Tidebuy white Lolita dress; Tidebuy cheap Lolita dress; Tidebuy pink Lolita dress; Tidebuy classic Lolita dress; Tidebuy blue Lolita dress; Tidebuy sweet Lolita dress.

Corporate dressing can be fun and functional at the same time.

How about you, how you do make corporate dressing fun?

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