November 23

Going All out on Decor

My ideal Christmas decor is a setup that involves the whole house. I want a tree full of trimmings, a nativity in the garden, life size Santa Claus dolls and a busy Christmas village. Even our throw pillows are to be in Christmas mode. T

The dining room is no exception.  I envisioned red or blue or green table linens and complete Christmas themed plates and glass, as well as table napkins. Oh, just thinking about this excited me already!

I know this will be a very expensive project.It might take years to achieve my goal, but I am in no hurry. I do not intend to buy all these at the same time. We might end up with no funds left for all the gifts if I complete all these for this Christmas! I intend to collect all these in time will slowly build things up. Every year I setup a budget meant to be consumed to buying Christmas decor and ornaments. I have a goal ornament; like last year was the Christmas tree and this year a garland. Having a budget makes me control my spending. However, for the linens, I am thinking of buying at an online store because I found one that gives huge discount on wholesale table linens. Since I intend to buy several linens in different colors. It is made to order within 24 hours and shipped immediately. I good deal like this is just what I need. I will be checking out other sale too, but otherwise, some decor will have to wait until next year.

Having an overall theme sets the tone of a decor. How about you, what is your ideal Christmas setup at home?

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