November 8

It’s a Pink and White Suprise Baby Shower!

Babies bring so much joy not just to the family but to everyone else around him/her. This is exactly the emotions behind the surprise baby shower that we prepared for my good friend and boss at work, Jo, who is expecting her third child and first baby girl. She, her husband, and their two boys are not the only ones excited for their bundle of joy but we are as well!

We asked for the help of Jo’s loving husband in making sure that the date we picked will not be in conflict with their schedule, whether hers for a checkup, or the kids’ school activities. He also helped us out in making sure that the our celebrant gets to go home early a day before the event to give us time to set up the place, and to report to work later than usual the following day. Daddy-to-be is very much into the surprise!

The color theme is pink and white. Thank heavens for the wonders of Pinterest, we easily got ideas on do it yourself (DIY) decors. We opted for pinwheels and cascade of balloons. With the wonder hands of our younger associates it turned out beautifully.

Flowers are a must to make the glowing mommy feel all the more beautiful!

Our 3 boys made a surprise handing of flowers.

The theme can be felt even on our food.

and these cute Panda  (white) and Pig (pink) Chinese buns from Chowing, a local fastfood. Super cute, right? 

What is a shower without gifts? Here is mommy with gifts of love from our team.


Neeedless to say, the surprise was a big success! We achieved our goal which is to make Mommy-to-be feel happy and loved. Kudos to the team!




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