February 17

Letter to Heinel on his 5th

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been five years since you came into our lives. Happy 5thbirthday Heinel! You’re growing up so fast, faster than I’ll ever be ready. But each year you’re becoming more intelligent, more confident and most of all more handsome. Dad and I are so blessed to have such a very good boy.  As much as I want you to be my baby, everyday you remind me that you’re a big boy and that there is so much you can already do on your own. Dad often tells me that I should let you try new things and not overprotect you, but despite you being already almost as tall as me, I still feel that you’re my baby. My everyday prayer is for the Lord to guide me in parenting you; that he may lead me to the right decisions as I guide your way into life. Looking at you now, I’m thankful that the Lord is constantly answering me prayer. I could not be prouder of how you’re turning out to be. I want you to know that you make me so happy, not by the things that you do or do not do, or the words that say or do not say, but by just simply being in my life.    
Heinel, I know the past year had been very overwhelming for you. For 4 years you were an only child and the apple of the eye of not just me and Dad, but also all your grandparents and Titos and Titas. Now, you have to share all the love with your cousins Sari and Joshua and of course your baby brother Hendrix. I know these changes had been very overwhelming but I’m so proud of how you are handling it. You’re taking everything maturely and with so much love and understanding and for that I’m so thankful to you, Anak. Thank you for warmly accepting your cousins in your life. And best of all, thank you for giving so much love, understanding and patience to baby Hendrix. Thank you for being a patient companion to Hendrix during his checkups. Thank you for encouraging and cheering him on whenever he’s having a hard time in therapy. Thank you for always reminding  Hendrix to finish his milk and meals and by finishing yours too so he will follow you. Hendrix may not say it yet, but he loves you and adores you. He looks at you with so much admiration and amazement. There was even a time when the only person that can make him smile is you. Thank you for being the best brother to him. Hendrix so blessed to have you as his big Kuya.
But this appreciation comes with an apology. For because you have handled everything so well, there are times when Dad and I expect so much from you but often times forget that despite being intelligent  and understsnding beyond your years, you are still our little pre-schooler who gets confused, sad,  overwhelmed and most of the time just plain misses Mommy and Dad. For those moments when we were not with you as often as we used to, Heinel, Dad and I would like to say sorry. We can’t promise that things will be easier this coming year but what we can promise is that whatever the situation is, we will try to explain it to you and make it bearable for you.   
On your birthday, all I can wish  is for you to always be happy and healthy. Continue being a good boy, not just to me and Dad but to everyone around you. Always remember that there are so many of us who love you, Anak. I pray that you will achieve all your dreams. Dad and I will support you and do everything in our strength and capacity to help you reach for your star. I’m confident that you will reach your goal of driving an Audi, a Ferrari and a Porsche when you grow up!  Just keep in mind what Dad and I always tell you and that is to study well and pray hard. With those two, nothing is impossible.
Happy birthday once again Heinel! I hope you enjoy your day. It will be a Hotwheel themed party in school later and I know you will have a blast! I love you so much Heinel. Please remember that I will always love you and be proud of you.

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