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Raising a child is a big challenge for parents, especially first time moms like me. I often wonder if my experiences in raising EA are the same with most parents. And now that he’s a toddler, challenges seems to come in everyday. Aside from words of wisdom from my mom and mother-in-law, my constant and reliable companion in this journey to toddlerhood is the book What to expect the Toddler years. The title may be familiar to some. This is actually a spin-off of the famous What to expect when you’re expecting and What to expect the first year books

One word to describe this book is that it is INFORMATIVE. I consider it as one of my investments as a mom because I can use this even with my other kids. The book contains monthly developments from age one to three, which makes it easier for us to know if our child is advanced, average, or a late bloomer. It also provides warning signs to watch out for to assess whether a child may have developmental problems. As each child is different, one must not panic if a child does not meet some of the milestones that children his age already achieved. It is always best to observe your child and if in doubt, always consult a doctor.

Helpful tip: I advice that you read the book in advance before your child reach that “age” so that you will know what to expect from them. A personal favorite of mine is the books’ question and answer style of discussion. I believed that the questions actually came from parents because the descriptions are so realistic. On instances when I feel like giving up in frustration over EA’s behaviour or sleepless nights, I always find solace whenever I find articles that gives me hints on how to handle the situation. The book has always assured me that EA is behaving just like any other toddler. The good thing about the book is that it provides several alternatives for parents so that we can choose on which one suits us and our little one.

Helpful tip: Bookmarkers are a great tool in keeping tabs of topics you believe are useful to you and your child. You can use post its, or pictures. Be creative! A color coding scheme might work for you too! You will not have a hard time going back to that page for quick referencing.

If you ask me what’s the most read topic for me: Discipline and tantrums! Another informative part of the book which I believe every house must have are the common child ailments and sicknesses, from the most general and simple ones to complicated and serious illnesses. A lot of serious ailments start from a simple cough or fever so it is best for us to be on the know if the child is also experiencing symptoms of any disease, life threatening or not. The books also provides first aid tips on common toddler injuries such as bumps, falls, insect bites, minor burns, cuts, etc.. Believe me, when you have a very active and adventurous little one, this tips will come in very handy! To personalize the book more, aside from putting markers on it, you can also fill out the back portion of the book to record your child’s development and treasured moments, as well as checkup results.

For moms on a tight budget, you might find the book a little pricey but consider it as an investment. It will be worth it, I admit, I did not but the first two books because it was for such short use (9 months of pregnancy and 1 year for infant stage). But this one can last from age 2-5.

Raising kids is one, if not, the most challenging and rewarding experience that we will go through. Avoid unnecessary stress and educate yourself. You will enjoy each day as a parent if you do!

Note: This is not a paid advertisement! The blogger purchased the book at a bookstore at a regular price and no discount!

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