September 13

Little H’s High Chair

The past few days we had been very busy looking for the best high chair for our Little H. Alright, I admit, for Dads this might be a very easy and “no-brainer” task but hey, I am a Mom and so I am allowed to be very picky before finding the right one, after all, high chairs are not very cheap, right?

Aside from dining, Little H will also use his high chair for playing and therapy activities especially on his sitting program. Thus, the one that we will buy must meet all these requirements. I initially knew that it must be a convertible chair because most of his play activities are on the mat. There are very limited high chairs that are convertible and to be honest, I only found two, but luckily, with distinct material, so we can have a choice. But both of them can be a high chair when elevated on its stand, and a regular chair (with straps) which can be placed in the floor, and the stand can function as the table.

The first one is made of wood, The table/tray is made of plastic. I like it because it is not too big, nor small for Little H. It is just the right fit for him. This is important because it will encourage him to maintain  a good posture. However, the concern I have with wood is that the back part is hard and might hurt Little H especially if he reclines his head, which he tends to do when he wants to be carried.

The second one is made of hard plastic; both the chair and the tray. What I love about this one is that it is more cushioned, thus I think it will limit hurting Little H. The width of the chair, however is much wider, thus EA has more room to move. I am worried that it will discourage him to sit properly.

Both are very good ones, actually. As for the price, the wooden one is around P4,000 ($93), while the hard plastic is around P6,000 ($140). I prefer the wooden chair, but Daddy S thinks the hard plastic is better. Since we are dead-lock on this one, we opted to let his therapists choose. I already showed them the pictures and measurements and they will give a feedback next week.

Given the two, which one will you buy for your child? Help us out!

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