February 25

Reading time Pregnant Moms!

Pregnancy brings in so many changes to a woman’s body and life. Aside from words of wisdom from my doctor, mom and mother-in-law, I educate myself by researching and reading a lot. Here are my trusted sources of pregnancy information:What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Even now on my second pregnancy, I still religiously read this book. It contains a month by month guide on what’s happening to your baby all throughout your nine month journey. It also has a question and answer type of discussion on common concerns during pregnancy, in which topics are very relatable. My second pregnancy is very sensitive and complicated so for the past 6 months I’ve been reading the portion about Common Concerns and ailments during pregnancy. Reading answers a lot of my questions helps ease my anxieties on the well being and condition of my unborn baby.

Babycenter.com Babycenter. Com is website which tackles everything from pre-pregnancy concerns to parenting big kids. For pregnant moms, they provide a week-by-week progress report of your baby and your body. I also enjoy reading forums especially when I have concerns about my complicated pregnancy. It enlightens me to know the actual experiences of other moms and it calms me to know that other moms where able to cope with the conditions I have.


I know you may be wondering why I included this is in my list. Wikipedia is my source of information for particular medical terms that I hear from my OB-gyne especially now that my pregnancy involves a lot of sensitivities. I love reading about the technical terms as well as the history. Although, readers must be critical as well in checking the sources provided in the site if they are reliable so as not to get the wrong information.
Smart Parenting (SP) and Working Mom (WM) Magazines These two are locally published magazine designed for parents with kids whose age ranges from 0-6 years old for SP and 0-teens for WM. They also tackle common pregnancy concerns. What I appreciate most is that the magazine is especially made for Filipino families and therefore the topics are relatable to our culture and even provides discussion on some beliefs and “pamahiins”. It provides dangers and benefits, and even a little history on the pahiins which makes it easy for parents to understand the origin behind it. Those articles allowed me to see which ones are Ok to follow and which ones to let go totally. I don’t subscribe to any of the magazine though, because there are instances when rerun of topics are done.
With the great miracle growing inside our body, it is best to be armed with knowledge and information on how to take care of them before we can actually see them. Happy reading Moms!

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