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Preparing for your Prenatal Checkups

During the nine month journey, pregnant women will see their Obstetrician-Gynecologist at least once a month and more frequently than that when they reached the 28th week mark. It’s always best to come prepared to maximize your visit because chances are, you’ll be waiting in a queue for your 15-20 minute turn. Here are some basic things to remember:

Last menstrual period (LMP)– you will be consistently asked by this question all throughout your pregnancy not just by your OB but also laboratory personnel and sonologists. Your LMP will be their basis in calculating how far long you are and your expected delivery date. If you already have your prenatal notebook, better to write down there, but otherwise you can also write it in a small notepad and put it inside your wallet so you’ll always have it.
Questions Checklist – Most of the time prenatal checkups only happen once a month, so for the next 30 days you will definitely have questions or concerns that you might want to discuss on your next appointment. Better to jot it down right away! Place notepads or post its on areas around the house like at the refrigerator door, beside the telephone, your bedside table, etc.. in that way, you can easily write your thoughts down as soon as you think of them. Then the night before your checkup, collate all these lists and make a summary to bring to your appointment. Do not be shy to show your OB that you have a checklist. She will appreciate it more that you come to your appointments prepared.
History on hand – Aside from your prenatal notebook, it is best that you bring along the results of your laboratory tests and ultrasound results. Your OB should have copies of these on file but better to bring it with you always for instances when your OB is not in on your checkup and a reliever takes her place who does not know your pregnancy history or for reference during ultrasound schedules.
Battle waiting boredom – Checkups usually entail hours of waiting especially if your OB arrives later than usual because she performed an operation or is assisting a fellow patient in giving birth. Bring a bottle of water, some light healthy snacks or a sandwich just in case you and your partner gets hungry. It is also best to bring to keep you busy while waiting such as a book, a magazine or your Ipad.
Prenatal checkups are fun and exciting especially if you leave your doctor’s office anxiety-free and assured that you and your baby are in good shape.

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