March 21

I chose the right Doctor!

From March 13 to 19, I was at the hospital because 26 weeks into my pregnancy, my water bag raptured. I delivered our second born baby boy on March 15 thru a life threatening, both for me and my baby, CS operation. From the time I texted my OB-GYNE, Dra. Aurora Eugene R. Quiambao of Capitol Medical Center (CMC), of my condition up until my discharge, I really felt her genuine care and concern. Even at the wee hours of the night I can hear her staff giving her updates about me and my baby’s condition. Our conversations are not about my physical condition but she also uplifts me emotionally. She provided us the best team possible to take care of me and my baby’s delicate condition and best of all she referred to us a very good, dedicated pediatrician known in the industry that specializes in preterm babies who was not even from CMC but she deemed best to handle our case.
Her daily rounds always are full of comfort and advise. She is even updated about the condition of my baby. I was so happy with her service and how she saved me and my baby’s life that I was willing to let go of the professional fee that she will charge. Considering that she is one of the premier doctors there, and with all the service she has given us, I was even shy to ask for a discount. But I was surprised when she gave us a very reasonable fee. It was far lower than what we expected. I honestly believe that she can charge way higher than she did and nobody can complain with the level of her competence. Now I trully understand why she has a lot of patients and majority of the babies in CMC were delivered by her.
For those looking for an OB-GYNE in Quezon City area, I highly recommend Dra. Aurora Eugene R. Quiambao of Capitol Medical Center. She is exclusive to CMC which is why I only recommend her if you live along the QC vicinity.

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