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BOOK REVIEW: 7 Things Every Wife Should Know

IMG_1145[1]Written by Viviene Bigornia, 7 Things Every Wife Should Know talks about the virtues that a wife must continually have to maintain a loving and peaceful relationship with her husband. Each chapter discusses why each virtue is important and the challenges on attaining it and how it can be resolved. It is made personal by the experiences of the author and actual couples she interviewed, made more meaningful by bible verses.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I love that it is simple, down to earth and very positive. The author does not claim to be a perfect wife, in fact she shared some of the things she did not do right or those that hurt her husband’s feelings and then shared how to make things right. Each wife can relate to one or more of the actual experiences shared. Newly married couples, married for several years, even cross cultural marriages are among the insights that you can expect in the book.  Reading it is like talking to a girlfriend as both of you deal with married life. At the end of each chapter, there is a reflection section which makes the reading experience more personalized. It becomes you and your spouses book.

A must read book! I recommend 7 Things Every Wife Should Know to all newly weds, brides-to-be and most especially for married women. Wives will look at the book thinking they already know these virtues, which is actually true, having been in the married circle for years. The book  will serve as the refresher course. As each milestone in married life attains, the couple’s relationship changes. Havings kids, setting financial goals, dealing with in-laws; all these will have an effect on your marriage through time. What you are as a couple ten years after will be far long with how you were when you just got married. But it does not always mean in a negative way. The book will help you be a closer and deeper couple years and years after.

A suggestion on making the most out of this book, read it with your husband. Or if not, share what you have read with him and discuss his thoughts on it. Also, as you answer the reflections at the end of each chapter, mark the date. Then, a few years after, say 5 to 10 years, go back and compare. It will tell you how your relationship with your husband evolved and give you an idea on how you can make it better.

You want to get a copy of the book? E-mail Viviene at teacher_viviene@yahoo.com or visit her blog www.journeyofawoman.com/book. You may tell that you read about her book in my blog. Who knows, you might even get a discount! Happy reading!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement.  Review is based on blogger’s personal opinion and judgment. The book was purchased by the blogger.     

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