June 22

For my family, I choose a healthy lifestyle

health2Weight management has always been the focus of my diet programs for the past several years. When I was much younger, it is so easy to achieve my weight loss goals, simply because my metabolism is much faster. But when I reached my late 20s, I noticed that it is not like that anymore. I get so frustrated because either I do not lose much or regain the lost weight back after I eased down on my diet.

One day, I got so sick. I had a very bad combination of cough and colds then fever. I had migraine attacks too because I lacked sleep, got so stressed at work and drowned myself in caffeine to be get me through the long nights at work. My body just screamed ENOUGH! During those times that I was sick, I felt bad because I can not get near my kids! It was then that I told myself that  I should take care of myself . I need to be healthy for my family. I need to take care of myself so I can take care of them too. To do that, I need to make healthier choices. Being conscious  of just my weight does not mean I am healthy. I need a change in lifestyle. I need a new mind set. Yes, it was not easy, but with my family as inspiration, it is so worth it. And you know what? It works! When I changed my goal from losing weight to a healthier lifestyle, it became easier to be mindful of what I eat; to exercise and be fit. Losing weight is a very short term goal that once it is achieved, one will relax and go back to unmindful eating again. But with a healthy lifestyle choice, it became a lifelong goal.

Believe me, you can do it, I did! So take that first step and commit to a healthier lifestyle! I am no health buff and I do not go to the gym regularly but I manage to be healthy. You can too! On my next post, I will write how I started with my lifestyle shift and how Iive it.

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