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Felix Restaurant Review



IMG_0786A fine dining restaurant located at Greenbelt 5, Felix Restaurant’s theme is modern and sophisticated with its bright lights and posh dining chairs and tables. However, during our visit, the restaurant is a bit hot most probably because it is the middle of summer here in Manila and temperature is scorching even during evenings.  The restaurant, however, tried to beat the heat by putting on large ventilators inside the restaurant.


While choosing our order, we were served with bread. I just have to write about the bread because it was so good. It is not your ordinary bun, no, not this one. It is hot, yummy, and tasty even without the butter. My friends and I are joking that we are already solved with just the bread. It sets the tone of what to expect with the food that will be served.

Arata (Crispy prawns and scallops with tropical fruits and sesame dressing)

IMG_0783Since the salad has prawns (to which I am allergic to), I did not get excited at first. But one bite on its fresh vegetables and fruits (orange and grapes) and I forgot that I intend to eat just a little. The sesame dressing has a balance of sweetness and saltiness which perfectly compliment the flavor of the vegetables. My friends and I also love the texture that the almond brought into the dish.

Ala Jay (Truffles, bacon and mushroom)

Creamy in tasty; that is how we can describe the pasta. The noodles are firm and al dente. But we find it quite overwhelming because of its creaminess that was further enhanced when we mixed the egg (yolk). The bacon and mushroom adds texture to its rich sauce. It is a good thing that it was for sharing otherwise none of us can finish a plate by ourselves.

IMG_0787 - Copy

Pietro (Italian Ham Pizza)

This is our favorite for the night. Thin crust served with a generous amount of cheese, and toppings such as ground beef, ham, bacon, mushroom, onion and green bell pepper. We honestly did not expect it to taste that good considering that it is not their specialty. I guess what sealed the deal for us was the crunchy crust and generous serving of cheese.

IMG_0789 - Copy

Gaithesburg (Braised short ribs with foie gras and mashed potato)

The dish will appeal to those with sweet tooth because the sauce of the short ribs is really sweet. I love the mashed potato because it tastes so natural and fresh. We would have enjoyed the dish except that 1 chunk of beef served to us was really hard and not edible at all. But the other beef served to us were actually really cooked and it tastes great.


Value for Money

Felix is a fine dining restaurant, thus prices are a bit higher compared with other restaurants. The price range is between 300 to 1,000 for the main course. They also serve steaks with prices ranging from 700-2,500. Serving size is also relatively small, for sharing of at least 2 or in our case, 3 girls. 2 out of 4 dishes only got high scores from us so from that I can say that it is not going to be our “go to” fine dining restaurant for special occasions.


Despite being full house that Friday night we were attended immediately. But of course, since it is a fine dining restaurant, it takes a while before food is served. Servers and waiters are courteous and attentive.

Overall Dining Experience

Overall it was a fair dining experience because of the food, the ambiance and service. It is pricey, yes. I might consider going back again with other sets of friends to try their other dishes.


This is not a paid review. The observations written above are based on the food and service we experience on the day of our dining alone. The blogger came and and left as a willing paying customer.

If you intend to dine at Felix Restaurant, I suggest that you make a reservation just so you will have a table waiting for you at the time of your visit. You can visit their site to reserve and view their menu as well. Happy dining!



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  1. Shelby

    If I will pay more for I fine dining restaurant, I would want to get my money’s worth but based on your experience, it might be worth visiting Felix Restaurant.


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