May 19

Guest Post: Health Tips for Pregnant Moms

Its pregnancy awareness month! Today I would like to share with you an article by my fellow blogger, Katie Moore, about staying healthy during pregnancy. Visit her blog Moore From Katie .
Pregnancy is one of the most important times for a woman to be acutely aware of her health to support the development of her child. It’s very important that an expecting mother maintains or adopts a healthy lifestyle during the pregnancy to help ensure that her child will develop properly. Most of the lifestyle choices made during pregnancy will have a direct effect on the child. It is important that the mother be strong, positive, and stress-free for the well-being of the baby. During pregnancy, mothers should focus on getting the proper nutrition, staying calm and positive, exercising, and eliminating any factors that can affect the baby. Here are some additional tips on how to stayhealthy during a pregnancy. I even provided some of my personal experiences.

A first essential step toward a healthy pregnancy is setting up an appointment with mom-to-be’s doctor.  The doctor will need to begin to monitor the health of the baby and mom and the sooner this monitoring process begins, the better.  Meeting with the doctor early on is also important because the doctor can make recommendations as far as a pregnancy nutrition and exercise plan go Doctors are not only imperative for pregnancy planning, but for delivery day planning as well. Any questions a woman may have about labor signals, delivery assistance, like pain management medicines, and options available for baby following delivery, like umbilical cord blood banking, can all be asked and planned for in advance at her doctor appointments. – It is also important that before getting pregnant, a woman should already find herself a good doctor; one in which she is most comfortable with. It’s difficult to change doctors during pregnancy, especially if it is a sensitive pregnancy.


A mother’s nutrition is very important for the development of the baby. While a woman is eating for herself and baby, she doesn’t need to eat double her normal portions. Pregnant women should maintain a balanced, healthy diet and should only consume approximately 300 additional calories a day. Foods rich in iron, calcium, folic acid, and Vitamin A should be consumed during the pregnancy to make sure the baby receives all the vitamins and minerals they need and to ensure that the mother’s body is not depleted of these nutrients once she gives birth.  – Always remember, quality over quantity!

Taking a prenatal vitamin is great way to ensure that a mother is receiving the nutrients she needs that she may not be getting enough of from her diet. Although it seems obvious that pregnant mothers should take the vitamin, many don’t do so because it makes them feel nauseous or they are not receiving prenatal care. Folic acid is necessary for the baby’s development and if the mother does not take a folic acid supplement, the baby is at risk of developing spina bifida. If a pregnant mother cannot tolerate a prenatal vitamin, she should speak to her doctor so they can provide other alternatives.

Physical exercise is also important for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Women that were already physically active should scale down their routine, but continue exercising regularly. Exercise during the pregnancy helps combat stress and depression, reduces the mother’s chances of having gestational diabetes, can reduce some of the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy, and can help the mother be fit for the delivery of the baby. Exercise during pregnancy should be low-impact and mild in intensity. One of the most recommended exercises for pregnant mothers is yoga. There are many yoga classes available for pregnant mothers that are tailored specifically to their needs.

An additional critical step for a mom-to-be is to eliminate all factors that can negatively affect the health of the baby. Substances like alcohol, several medications, cigarette smoke, drugs, lead, radiation and harsh chemicals should all be avoided or should no longer be used. Use of these substances can compromise the growth and development of the baby causing miscarriages and birth defects. The healthier a mother’s living environment is, the healthier baby’s environment will be.

Prenatal care during the pregnancy is very important for both the mother’s and the child’s health. It is important for the mother to have regular visits so the proper exams can be done to monitor the development of the baby and provide any medications or other support, if needed. With these considerations, a mother can expect to enjoy an easy pregnancy and the joy of a healthy baby.

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