December 10

The Health Scare That Made Me Better

Middle of this year,  I experienced multiple symptoms that happened for several weeks. Among these are extreme migraine, dizziness, blurry vision and extreme fatigue. It happens on random occasions without any triggers at all; while walking, in the middle of a meeting, even while just sitting and working. Symptoms can last for a few minutes or even hours. It affected my productivity at work, driving skills, and even performing my duties as a mom. I undergone several tests and in the end, I found at that my symptoms are all because I am pre-diabetic. More than my lifestyle, my condition is a result of my reproductive system condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS. Quite complicated for a non-medical practitioner like me, but it is mostly hormonal imbalance. In my case, my PCOS led my body to not fully convert my glucose intakes into energy. All my symptoms mentioned is my body’s way of telling me that I have low glucose level.


Upon finding out my condition,  I was alarmed, and admittedly, very scared. Although I am not officially diagnosed as a diabetic, there is a high probability that I will become one in a few years if I am not careful with my health. I immediately thought of my family; my husband and two children, who need me. Diabetes is a very challenging sickness, physically and financially. I do not want it to be part of what we will have to go through as a family.
I consider my diagnosis as a blessing, a wake up call. It is a sign for me to make lifestyle changes and healthier choices, and when inspired by a longer life with my family, every drastic change is easy to take.

I had always been very observant of my major meals. I am not fond of eating rice, pork or beef. My meals are mostly vegetables, chicken, fruits and fish. I am big fruit eater. However, because of my condition, I had to decrease my fruit intake since it has higher levels of sugar. I had to increase my greens. It was a challenge and a new learning altogether. One can never really have too much of anything, even the good stuff. Balance is the key.

Now for the not so good parts of my diet, I have a sweet tooth and coffee addiction. That means I am into lattes and frappucinos, which have high levels of sugar. Chocolates, cakes and desserts are my weaknesses too. I am also fond of iced teas. Terrible, i know. I am guilty as charged on that. I am surprised at myself at how easy to make healthier decisions now. All for the love of my family.

Getting back to my regular exercise routine did not happen easily too. Nowadays I get easily dizzy. My morning runs became a challenge. I had to start slow. As much as I want to go back to Zumba classes again, my schedule as part-time working Mom can not permit me to do so at this point. Thus, I had to make use of the resources available to me, my time and those everything around me. No need for fancy equipment. A rubber shoes, sunshine, and determination are all I need. Slopes, stairs and even plantboxes became my added exercise boosters as well.


I still have a long way to go in terms of my fitness goal, but I am getting there. In life, with all the challenges that come along, the way we handle it makes a whole lot of difference. With positivity and loads of faith, even the scariest can become a blessing.


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