June 12

AirBnB – a first, but definitely not the last..

In our recent vacation in Hong Kong, we decided to try renting a home at Airbnb instead of staying in a hotel. We traveled in a group of 4 adults (me, Daddy S, my mom and my sister) and two kids. We figured that it will be more costly if we book a hotel since we would not  all fit in one room, unless we get a suite which is way above our budget, thus airbnb became a good option.

It was my first time to book a home in airbnb. However, I was able to stay in two condos here in Manila booked by friends for a few nights (on different occasions), and both are great. Those two instances gave me the confidence to try airbnb with family.

We are so happy with the condo that we got! It is homey, clean, functional and conveniently located!


The 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home is just perfect for all 6 of us. Best of all, we got this home at the price equivalent to a one room hotel.

So how do we go about airbnb? For all you Titas of Manilas like me, here’s how i went about it.

There are a lot of great options in airbnb. Choosing one will be easier if options are narrowed down to major considerations. For us, we filtered our options with the following: quiet neighborhood, location, and stroller/wheelchair friendly.

Before booking a home, we finalized our itinerary for the whole trip. In that way, we will know where will be the most convenient location to stay and go home to everyday. Since it is convenient to move around Hongkong by train, one consideration also in finding a home is that it is near the MTR stations.

Since airbnb offers homes in residential areas, i checked the neighborhood for each home option. We are very particular with cleanliness and quietness especially since we have kids with us. Best way to check on these is by reading the comments section of each home in airbnb. For me this is the best way to get to know the owner, the house and  the neighborhood.

In booking a home at airbnb, punctuality is a big factor. We booked our home 3 months before our travel date and I was surprised that by then most of the homes in my option list were booked already. If we booked close to our travel date, either we got an expensive home that is conveniently located, or a home that is within our budget but is far from the city.

Another important thing to consider is good communication with the host (home owner). Do not hesitate to ask questions and discuss your considerations prior to booking. The host of our home is very gracious and accommodating. She also responds quickly to our questions even during our stay. Be mindful as well of the house rules.

Nowadays, travelling can be meaningful experience for the family even on a budget. With just a few clicks and some time reading and researching for good deals, the whole family can have a memorable vacation. I would love to hear your airbnb and other vacation stories!

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