December 31

An Amazing 2016: Year-Ender Flashback

We welcomed 2016 with so much excitement and anticipation. I must say, it did not disappoint! I do not have big wishes for every new year that comes and so it is such a sweet surprise when it gives me more than what I expect. Here’s a quick recap of the year that was for me and my family:


What a great way to start the year when we had our first playdate/Christmas party with our NICU family friends. We, the Sampangs, Ngkings, Mendozas and Garcias met each other at the Neonatal ICU of Capitol Medical Center when all of our kids namely Hendrix, Clyde and Clint, Elias and Eae were born preemies. The hours of waiting and taking turns of us parents to visit out babies resulted to a friendship that extended beyond the borders of the hospital. Four years after meeting each other, we still get together for playdates and catch ups. It is so nice to see our kids grow together.


The 18th day of February is always special because it is the birthday of our firstborn Heinel! This year he turned 8! Heinel has always been such a polite, good and well-behaved kid, and this year was no exception! I am also glad that this year he was able to expand his horizon and became more confident. We are so blessed to have such a good son!



Four years ago I gave birth to a teeny-weeny-cutie baby, who, even though was very small, cries the loudest especially when he is hungry. It was March 15 and that boy is our dear Hendrix. This year, when he turned four, he continued to amaze us with his strength, determination and cheerfulness. Hendrix is always our sunshine even during the stormiest days!


April of 2016 is when I turned 33! No big celebration, just a quiet, low key but full of appreciation kind of celebration. I have reached a point in my life when I no longer want big things for myself, just good health and guidance from the Lord so I can take care of my family. Contentment is the key to happiness. My goal is just to be happy and spread happiness as well. Life is too short so always be proud of what makes you happy.


It is also in April when Heinel started his Kumon Math lessons. What started as just merely a summer activity, we continued it up until now because we have seen its positive effect on him. He enjoys it and he is even happy with his achievements.


Summer has always been a vacation month for our family and this year we traveled to Japan!

It was eight days of exploring Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto; all three beautiful must see cities of Japan.  I can write forever about how wonderful the whole experience is but then again I will not be able to finish this blog hahaha!

So let me just say that that trip to Japan was so worth all those 8 months of planning and a week of packing (funny but true!). But if you are (super) interested about that trip, you can read about my three-part series post starting with Tokyo adventure here.


It was also in May when we had our first out of town playdate with our NICU family! The kids had so much fun swimming in the pool. We also boarded a balsa where we had our late lunch right in the middle of the sea!



Daddy S and I squeezed in a quick “you and me” time when we went to Singapore. We visited the places we were not able to explore when we traveled here with the kids in 2015, such as Botanical Gardens,Orchard Road, Gardens by the Bay, Raffles Hotel, Glutton Bay and more!. My very nice aunt and uncle , Ate Lhen and her husband Kuya Edil, were such gracious hosts! It was such a treat when they brought us to Level 33 Craft-Brewery to see this breathtaking view of Singapore.

Although the vacation was short, it was definitely a good break for us as a couple. I believe that we came home as better husband and wife, and better parents as well to our two boys.

Also, our June will not be complete without our annual road trip to our Lady of Manaoag as our devotion for the miracle of life of our dear Hendrix.



Heinel started with his basketball camp to get formal training. We saw his interest in the sport and enrolling him to this weekend clinic proved to be right. We continuously work with him to improve his skills. He excels in the sport and he aims to be part of the varsity team in school.


I was given a rare opportunity to be among the 100 Fearless Filipinas during the launch of #Ariel100Stainsin1wash. This is summit aims to empower women as several guests from different aspects of society share their experiences and wisdom. It was altogether a very enlightening experience. Details of the summit are in this blog link.


Together with my fellow Scholastican alumnae and some very good friends, I attended Timeless, a charity event for the benefit of Anawim, a home for senior citizens. It is a ball organized by those who support local celebrities Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. It was a night of glamour, fun and friendship, all for a good cause. I came home with a happy heart, stronger bond with my Scholastican girls and a whole new set of friends.


December is always special as it is the birth month of Daddy S. He is such a blessing to me and I thank the Lord everyday for granting me such a good, loving and patient husband.

It was also in December when one of my wishes was finally fulfilled. I was able to be party of charity project not just as a donor but as a volunteer. I participated in a charity event called “And Daming Ngiti” for pediatric cancer patients. It was an afternoon of games and fun for the kids. But for me it was a day of sharing and opening my heart to kids who are such brave warriors. I will be writing a separate blog about this  but for now let me just say this, after hearing their stories, being able to bring smiles on their faces, even for a day, was life changing, not for them but for me. These kids are so inspiring!


With all these amazing events for 2016, I could not ask for a better year. God has been kind and generous to me and family. More so, it is also this year when He gave me opportunities to open not just my heart but my arms as well to those who are in need. I will end 2016 with a grateful heart and welcome 2017 with a hopeful one.

A blessed and happy new year to all!

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