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Medela Breastpumps Pricelist 2016

I am happy that nowadays there are more advocates of breastfeeding.  Thus, moms and even dads are given the right information and education about the necessity of breastfeeding our babies.

A lot of comments in my blog are usually about breastfeeding. And more so those seeking advice on breastpumps. My advice then and now is still the same, direct latching is still the best way to feed your baby. Exclusive breastfeeding on demand is still the best and mixed feeding is highly discouraged.

For breastfeeding moms who will return back to work after their maternity leave, I admire your dedication for wanting to continue your breastfeeding journey! Of course, having been very satisfied with Medela, I still recommend it for working moms. It’s a good thing that one of the exclusive distributors Medela in the Philippines, Parenting Emporium (formerly Medela House) was gracious enough to give me their price list for 2016.

Freestyle Hands-Free – Php19,000

I used Freestyle in expressing milk for Little H for eight months (born as a micro-preemie, Little H did not learn how to latch). This pump is durable! I used it for several times  a day and it did not fail me. It has a very good pull resulting to a better milk let down.  The motor is compact but powerful. Since its battery is rechargeable, it can last up to 12 hours.

Swing Maxi Dual Breast Pump – P13,500

The product features of Swing Maxi is similar with that of the Freestyle. The difference is on the battery life of the motor. Swing uses the power of double A batteries for its pump thus its battery life can last only up to 4-6hours, depending on the frequency of use, compared to Freestyle which can last for 12 hours.

Swing Electric Breast Pump (Single) – Php9,500

With the same main features of the Swing Maxi.  But since it is a singe pump, milk experession on both breast will be less faster than expressing it at the same time.

Mini-Electric (single) Breastpump – Php5,500

This pump is ideal for occasional milk expressions. Compact and lightweight, and can be used with just one hand.

Harmony Light , Manual Breast Pump – Php2,000

Manual Breastpump – Php1,800

Aside from breastpumps, Parenting Emporium (formerly Medela House) also sells Medela accessories and other baby friendly products. Parenting Emporium’s office is located in New Manila, Quezon City. Although some Medela products are being sold at the mall (Rustan’s and Mothercare), its prices are higher compared if you buy it from the distributor. As a previous Medela user, I suggest getting the pump from the distributor so you can avail of their maintenance and warranty services. Another benefit in buying it from them is that you can choose the breastshield which is the perfect fit for you. The breastshields are the ones directly attached to the breast and getting the perfect fit makes a lot of difference. In my case, i find the standard size too small for me which explains why it hurts a lot when I am expressing milk. When I changed the breastshield (I was surprised to know that I have different sizes for left and right) the milk suction felt natural.

For more information about Parenting Emporium, visit their website at http://theparentingemporium.com/. To know more about my personal experience with Parenting Emporium, you can check out my post here. Please note that I am not in anyway connected to Parenting Emporium other than as a customer who was very satisfied with their service.


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