March 29

Discovering “The Bible Project”

When Little H was confined to the hospital due to Dengue (see my post about it here), he slept almost the entire first night that we were there. To while away the time, I browsed on my Instagram account and came across this suggestion from a fellow mom to actress Cheska Garcia of a great biblical site in YouTube, named the Bible Project. I checked it out and liked it immediately!

Bible Project aims to give a summary of each books of the bible through narration and illustration. Although nothing beats reading the bible by yourself, this site is a good way to refresh yourself with the scriptures. I am in awe of the illustration used in its videos. It is very engaging that even teens and kids will not get bored watching it. It is through Bible Project that I was able to have a better understanding of some stories in the bible. It helped me make sense and connect the relevance of the stories with the entire message of the bible.

I recommend that you watch this with your family. As each video ends, have a discussion with your family on what you just learned and understood. A great family religious activity!


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