March 27

A Different Holy Week

It has been a yearly tradition for our family to have Visita Iglesia every Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. We do it two nights in a row just so our kids, EA and Little H won’t get tired from driving from one church to another. It was something that we always look forward to, and this year, I already planned the churches we will visit  and our itineraries for those two days.

However, our plans made a 360 shift when Little H got sick which started on Palm Sunday morning. He had raging fever of 39.3C but we can not seem to see any obvious cause like cough or colds. We initially thought that it was Tonsilitis but then I scratched the idea since he was eating so well. Monday came and still fever is on and off despite taking paracetamol. We visited his pedia, taking with us the results of his urinalysis which also showed normal results. His pediatrician, Dra. Tita Villanueva-Uy, having been Little H’s pedia since he was born, was also concerned about his fever. The usual suspect, pneumonia, is of the running since his lungs are clear. Thus, she ordered for a complete blood count (CBC) that night. We got the result the following morning which showed that his platelets are way below than normal range. She asked that we had it repeated the following day, and we did. It was alarming how quickly his platelets dropped in just 36 hours. She then asked to take Little H to the hospital. Her hunch is correct, our little boy has Dengue fever.

 For any parent here in our country, knowing that your child has Dengue fever is enough to make you panic. I’ve seen stories in the news on how it cause death in some cases. It has created a very bad impression on me. I was close to panic on our way to the hospital when Little H started having chills and when we got to the emergency room, his fever reached 39.3C again. Despite taking paracetamol, his temperature did not return immediately to normal. That night, his pedia dropped by to check on him and after talking to her that I was comforted. It is through her that I’ve learned that we just caught the virus right on time, and keeping him hydrated is the only way we can manage it. Paracetamol is only given if there is fever. In cases wherein Dengue becomes terminal, it is because it is not detected on time  and severe drop in platelet has already resulted to complications. I am just so glad that we caught his right on time. It really pays to trust one’s instincts.

The days that followed turned out positively. Little H’s fever did not persist. His platelet count increased and appetite came back. He came back to his usual normal self. And after just a few days, he was discharged from the hospital. Now he is at home with us and almost 100% recovered. It may have been a different Holy Week for us but still a meaningful one. We may not have done our family tradition, but in our own personal way, we reflected and prayed as we go along preparing for Easter Sunday. On Easter Sunday, the entire family will hear mass to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here’s hoping that Hendrix is well enough already to go out by then.

Wishing everyone a Blessed Easter!

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2 thoughts on “A Different Holy Week

    1. kat (Post author)

      thank you! He is fully recovered now. Back to his old makulit and playful self. Thank you praying for him always.


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