February 18

To my EA on his Eighth!

My Dearest Son Heinel,

Happy, happy birthday! Oh how wonderful it is to be eight, isn’t it? We approach this day with nothing but pure gladness and gratitude in our hearts. Looking at you now, I can not help but be proud of myself and Dad for we feel that we have done a wonderful job so far on being your parents. You are such a kind, sweet, loving, happy and understanding young man. Credits could not all go to us, son for you are raised and loved by an entire family made up of not just me and Dad, but also your Tito, Tita and Grandma. You are a reflection of the love given to you by all of us.

Each day you are growing and expanding your horizons on your own; building friendships, exploring the world. The past year I have seen you became more confident in trying out new things and meeting new friends. I may not  say it all the time, but son, I could not be any happier. I can not help but smile whenever I see you engage into small talks with other kids in a toy store, or get into small groups in a playground. I grin each time you tell me a story on how you approached a smaller kid in school and he later becomes your friend. I am overjoyed to see you enjoying yourself in school performances as you dance your heart out and waive at me happily in the crowd. I am so delighted to hear all your exciting stories!

At times I look at you and marvel how you are growing right before our eyes, literally (with you almost the same height as me) and figuratively! As you celebrate this wonderful day of being 8, my only wish is for you to be always healthy, happy and blessed. Bigger and better things are coming your way, so embrace them and have the confidence in yourself that you will take on whatever life gives you. I am so proud of you! I am happy to see you exploring and developing your talents one by one. Please know that we will always support you in all your dreams and goals. Keep dreaming and keep striving to reach all your dreams.

Happy, happy birthday my Heinel! Feel all the love that we have for you today and for the rest of the years to come. Keep on smiling! Me, Daddy and Hendrix love you so much!


Always in prayer,


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