December 7

Our Kindermusik Experience

From July to October 2015, Hendrix attended the Cuddle and Bounce class at Kindermusik in Capitol Hills (near Ayala East Side village). Cuddle and Bounce is the program for kids six months to 2 years old. This is ideal for kids who are already crawling or those who just started walking. 

Allow me to share my observations of Kindermusik class that we attended. Please note that this is applicable only to the one that attended in Capitol Greenstreet and not of the entire Kindermusik franchise.

What I like:

Very interactive – the one hour class involves a lot of singing and dancing. Because the class is more for toddlers, one adult is required to participate to carry the kids. Although Yaya (nanny) is allowed, I personally prefer being with Hendrix in class to experience all the activities with him.

Back to Basics – despite being in the modern age, i like how Kindermusik uses the traditional materials such as hard bound books, balls, and even wooden musical instruments. Even I enjoy the different percussion instruments used in class.

Small number – I appreciate that there is a small number of participants in the class because it gives the needed interaction with the kids but at the same time allows everyone to get to know each other more because of the smaller group. A small group also limits the chance of virus being spread around in class.

Teacher Suzette is really good!

The reason why we chose to enroll at Capitol Hills is because of Teacher Suzette. I’ve been receiving positive feedback from other moms who had been to her class. First hand experience, what I like about her is she knows all her students. she makes sure that she calls all of them out in class, either through a song, or through an activity.

I also like that she gives inputs to parents on how to benefit more from the activity at home.

Ample Parking Space – I know this should not be a major deciding factor but it is also important for me since i do not want to stress out looking for parking spaces

What you need to consider/think about

Price – Kindermusik classes are quite pricey considering that it is a once a week, an hour long class. However, one way to benefit well from the program is to do the “assignments” at home with your kids.

Class Schedule – for parents who are both working, availability is usually weekends. For Kindermusik, I find weekend classes quite crowded because it is where the most number of students are. I find mid-week classes more relaxed and children have more space to move.

For me, overall I find our Kindermusik class very stimulating and entertaining. I would recommend it to kids who is very keen to music and sounds. They will benefit most from it. From those I talked to, Kindermusik is best completed up until the Big Kids classes. Best also to attend the trial session. This is for free! In that way, you can have a clear assessment of how each session will be like. Just make sure to pick a time wherein your kid is most active and productive. Avoid classes close or during their usual nap time hours.



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