August 4

Well Spent Rainy Holiday Afternoon

A day in which it is both a holiday and a rainy day can both mean ultimate boredom for my kids. As a mom, it is a challenge for me on how to keep them off gadgets like Ipad or game consoles. This week, I decided to engage my son into baking! No, I am definitely not a pro when it comes to baking. We just bought some ready made brownie mix from the grocery store. The good thing about these ready made boxes is that you can be 75% sure of the taste. The 25% will depend on how you will strictly follow the remaining instructions and ingredients.

It is so easy to get Heinel excited into baking, and I guess most kids are. Why? Because it is something new. As soon as I told him  that we will baking our snack for the day, he can hardly wait. He prepared the ingredients himself!

I almost made him do all the tasks, and that makes me more the assistant and him being the pastry chef.  Of course mixing the bowl will not be complete without Heinel licking at the spoon. He said it was good!

I was the one who put the brownies inside the oven but it was Heinel who made sure that I get it out right on time. Cooking time was 35 minutes and he made sure that it was timed just right.

It turned out great! Heinel was so proud of himself because he made our snack from scratch!

Baking was a win-win activity for both my son and I. I was able to get him off his gadgets while he is having fun as well. Baking also allowed me to teach him the concept of measurements, temperature, time. texture and consistency. Through baking he also learned the importance of patience and that things (food) takes time before we can enjoy it.

This baking activity was a success and I am looking forward to more activities with Heinel. Next in mind will be making hiss favorite food from scratch, which is pizza! I will post it here soon!

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