June 12

To have a “Paul” is to be a “Toni”

Today, Philippine showbiz is in celebration as a young director, Paul Soriano, and a multi talented celebrity (actress, singer, host), Toni Gonzaga gets married. But my post today is not about their wedding details.

Their wedding is much talked about because of their love story. In an interview during the engagement, Toni said that their 7 year relationship was not easy. For one, Toni’s family is a very tight knit Christian family. Her parents have very strict rules which she follows even as a 30 year old woman. She has a curfew; she has a non-out of town rule even with a group if Paul is there; she has a vow of chastity, and so on. You get what I mean right? For years she has set her faith, family and career ahead of Paul and her romantic relationship is not the top priority. Through all these years, Paul patiently stood by her and waited for her to be ready to settle down.

As this story unfolds right before the public’s eye, and even after seeing the very solemn, but beautiful wedding, I often see and hear people saying that Toni is a lucky girl for having a patient, loving boyfriend who respected her parents’ rules and boundaries. But I hardly see people, girls for that matter; say that Paul is lucky to have Toni. He is indeed lucky and that, from what stories were shared in public, this girl is worth waiting for. She was raised well by her parents. She honored her parents; she is deeply rooted with her faith. Despite admitting many times that she questioned some of her parents’ rules, she abides by them even though she is of age. It is because she loves them and trusts their judgment. She sets standards for herself. She knows what she and her parents want. She knows it and does not settle for anything less. Sometimes love can make our judgment clouded and yet she stood to hang on to her faith and believed that if she remains faithful, God will reward her with someone equally matched to her. By setting her standards and hanging on to it despite being called “outdated” or “old fashioned”, that for me is inspiring and worth admiring.

So for all women wishing and praying to have a “Paul”, remember that you must be a “Toni” first. Yes, guys like him are hard to find, but so are girls like her. He waited and it is because she is worth it. As mom of two boys,in the future,  even if it takes 8 years of waiting, yes, I will advise my sons to pursue someone like her.

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Posted June 12, 2015 by kat in category My Random Thoughts

2 thoughts on “To have a “Paul” is to be a “Toni”

  1. Christine Fernandez

    Their relationship reminded me of Nikki Gil’s relationship with Billy Crawford, who is not willing to wait. Too bad for Billy. Being persistent to your standards will fruit to an even more beautiful future like what Toni and Nikki did. 🙂

    1. kat (Post author)

      Yes, and i commend Nikki for that; For not giving in to something that she is not ready to let go just to “prove” her love to someone. For me, this is not just about vow of chastity but rather the commitment to one’s self, as a woman, not to accept lesser than what you think you deserve. I guess this hits a nerve because I have seen quite so many of my friends who was treated badly by their significant others but chose to stay in a relationship all because of love. In the end, the relationship did not work and they were left with regret for letting someone do those things to them.


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