June 7

The Royal (Adorable) Siblings Photos Are Out!

Today was filled with so much cuteness when the The Royal Couple, Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, release the official photos of their two children together!

I’ve been following Kensington Royal’s Instagram account and I was glued yesterday because in the morning it announced that they will release Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s photos. Well, I did not wait in vain because I was giggling with joy when I saw the photos!

Photo Credits: Her Royal Highness, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

Photo Credits: Her Royal Highness, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

I have always been a fan of the William and Kate love story because they had been consistently noble and “unroyal” in their ways. I like how they started their relationship as just like any normal couple and how they try to be as normal as possible even after they got married. Aside from the overflowing cuteness of both Prince George and Princess Charlotte, what I like about the photo was that it was taken by Her Royal Highness, Kate, herself. It is really them; simple, unpretentious, raw. It is them taking pictures of their children and sharing it to the world just like any normal parent would do. It is taken at home, with kids sitting on the couch and wearing nothing fancy. I love everything about the photos!

As a mom, I sort of feel sad for these two young children because their lives will be just like this until they grow old, under the scrutiny of media and people, not just in England, but around the world. But having raised by the late Lady Diana, I am sure the Prince William, will raise his children just like his Mom raised them, and that is as normal as possible. Equally noteworthy is HRH, Kate, who,despite being born in a well off family, remained to be graceful, humble and poised. With these parents, I am sure Prince George and Prince Charlotte will be just as fine.

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