March 14

DIY Project: Drawer Dividers

Boxes are very useful because it is durable but at the same time very light weight. It does not easily rip and get distorted.

Recently, we got a drawer cabinet for our room.  However, I still want the drawer to be organized so I decided to make use of the box cartons as drawer divider or organizer.

 Here is how I did it:

1. I measured the size of the drawer to make sure that the box will fit in it.

2. Since the box lid is on top (if standing vertically), I sealed the lid with a packaging tip.

3. I placed it horizontally and cut the top part.

4. If you do not have much time or if the boxes are decorative enough as it is, you may not design it anymore. In my case, I decided to use pages from old magazine to wrap the boxes not only for decorative purposes, but to cover the hard edges which is usually caused by the blade from the scissors.

Here is the finish product.

 also made small containers from these boxes and wrapped with some used gift wrappers.

I am loving recycling so much! Want to be more fun? Involve your kids when you do projects like this. It develops their creativity and they will become natural recycling-loving individuals too as they grow up.

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