November 8

LEGO @ Shell!

I grew up surrounded by Lego® because my brother has several models. It is a great toy as it improves hand eye coordination especially for younger kids and broades imagination as well. My firstborn son is also becoming very fond of these cute blocks. However, his interests is more on car models which is why Lego® is not his favorite toy yet.

But Shell Philippines came up with this wonderful promotion wherein you can buy a Lego® Ferrari model for every purchase of gas! Very affordable! How cool is that?!

The toys are such a great hit for my son! He loves it! It is also a great family bonding because we love creating each car together! I also love how my son interchanges the blocks and creates his own car model!

I don’t know how long this promotion will lasts but we sure are hoping we can complete all models!

Our first two models

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