February 28

DIY Project: Party Souvenir

I was almost M.I.A for two weeks because I was so busy preparing for EA’s 7th birthday party. I will post about it soon once I get the official photos. But for now, I would like to  share with you my DIY project for his party.

Photo Credit: Party Lovers PH

Lego Movie is the theme for EA’s party. Kids will be given loot bags with lots of treats but I want adults to have something to bring home too. Since Lego blocks are colorful, I immediately thought of colorful chocolates in coated shells as the perfect giveaway. My materials are plastic containers, glue and small blocks. The plastic containers are gelatin containers. You can also use small cupcake boxes, preferably transparent ones.

I just glued the block on top of the cover of the container. Left it overnight to dry just to make sure that the blocks are securely attached to the container.

Once dry, I put colorful chocolate marbles inside to create a complete Lego feel of the souvenir.Pretty simple right?

This will even look better if you can find transparent square containers. Unfortunately in my case, I was not able to find any so I used these oval shaped instead. I am glad it turned out just fine.

More DIY projects soon!

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4 thoughts on “DIY Project: Party Souvenir

    1. kat (Post author)

      Yes, I’ve seen your post in its wonderful. I am super amazed with the Elsa cake that you made for your daughter.

  1. Single Mother Ahoy

    Ah! S’s birthday is coming up and I saw this photo thinking “ooh, I could do those for the party…” immediately followed by “no, a box with a lego on top would be really expensive to buy…” but actually I bet these weren’t expensive at all, and they look really effective!
    Thanks for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop!


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