July 30

Pregnancy Fashion

I personally believe that a woman is at her prettiest when she is pregnant. The silhouette of a body with a baby bump shows shapes and curves. Gone are the days when pregnant women wear baggy dresses. Although most women have low self esteem especially towards the end of their pregnancy because of the increase in weight and hormonal imbalance resulting to pigmentation in some parts of the face or uneven skin tone for some. But do not fret. Nowadays, we have a lot of clothes to choose from for pregnant women to make them look as comfortable and fashionable as ever while showing off that precious baby bump. And to give you, pregnant moms a dose of inspiration here are my personal favorite maternity fashion as worn by the Hollywood Celebrities:
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July 20

Your Everyday Boots

In a tropical country like ours, boots are not a common footwear because it is usually worn in countries where extreme cold weather season are experienced such as fall and winter. However, do you know that boots can be worn not only to protect you from the cold but also to glam up an outfit? Check out http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Boots-100923/ for great finds and cheap boots. Here are my favorites and can be worn on even on two-seasoned countries:
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July 5

Choosing the right Dress: Mom Kat way

TB dress polkasI love dressing up. As a kid, I am always on those cute dress and skirts paired with frilly blouses and lace. Growing up, my style has always been very feminine, sophisticated and clean. I am not the type who follows the trend. I always go for comfort and style.  And even when I got married and had two kids, I still dress up and make it a point to look my best. At work, we have uniforms from Mondays to Thursdays, thus, I only get to wear civilian clothes on Fridays. I always plan my wardrobe ahead; from dresses, skirts, to accessories and shoes. I avoid wearing key pieces of clothes within 6 months. Not that I have a lot of clothes, it is just that I mix and match.

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July 2

Outfit ideas for Costume Parties

Nowadays, costume parties are becoming a popular theme may it be birthdays, sorority, and even Christmas parties. Gone are the days when you have to wait for Halloween to show off your new you, in costume, that is.

Costume parties are not the time to be yourself. It is the time to unleash your dream self. You can be your favorite actress, superhero, cartoon character, or even your admired anime villain. Only your imagination is the limit. The key is confidence and being in character, and most of all, having fun.

With costume parties being an in thing, chances are, you will be attending more than one party in a year. You would not want to be wearing the same costume right? Good thing there are inexpensive and cheap costume available. Check out http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Costumes-100629/.
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July 1

Homecoming and Prom Dress for Petite Girls

Looking great on your homecoming begins with choosing the perfect dress. For petite girls, one of the major challenge is how to look much taller than you really are. To divert the attention from their height, girls must wear dresses which emphasizes their best features such as a good collarbone, nice shoulders, slender arms, or a long neck, . Wearing dresses that are above the knee also creates an illusion of height especially when paired with high-heels.

Finding the perfect prom  dress need not leave a hole on your pocket.  A vast selection of inexpensive homecoming dresses are available at http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Inexpensive-Homecoming-Dresses-7913.
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March 28

Footwear for Moms on the Go

When one has kids, you are always on your toes. Motherhood changed a lot of my fashion preferences, most particularly with footwear. Gone are the days when I can wear platforms or stilettos or high heels at the mall. But hey, alternative footwear can be fashionable too. Here are my favorite mommy-friendly footwear:
Ballet flats
I’m a girl at heart so ballet flats are my most favorite footwear. It can be matched with almost anything; shorts, pants,skirts and dresses. I can’t seem to get enough of ballet flats. My favorite types are those laces, flowers and jewels. It adds personality to the shoes!
Low wedge
I still wear wedges but I just make sure that the heels are low. I usually wear it with my maxi dresses and shorts.
Flip flopsFlip flops are my ultimate “go to” footwear. It is comfortable and can be worn with shorts or denim skirts. With several designs in the market, you will definitely find one that will suit your personality. Just a tip, please make sure that flip flops are regularly washed and scrubbed especially if you will wear it to the mall. I find it a turnoff seeing dirty slippers. I mean, come on we still need to look presentable, right?
I’m not a rubber shoes girl so the next best sports footwear for me is a pair of sneakers. It’s a perfect footwear for days out in the playground or playdates with other kids. My favorite brands are Keds, Tretorn and Converse.

SandalsFor days that requires me to dress up a little like parties or school events, low heeled sandals are a must. I just make sure that I choose sandals that have sturdy straps to ensure secure fit. We wouldn’t want those straps to snap while I’m chasing my son, right?Your footwear brings out your personality. Nowadays we are lucky to have so much choices in the market that we can both have comfort and fashion combined.