November 25

Lolita at work?

I admit, sometimes corporate dressing can be boring. Which is why I look forwards to smart casual Fridays at work because it is the time of the week when we can be expressive with our sense of style. My style usually depends on my mood for the week. There are times I want a laid back style, while some days I want to bring out the fashionista in me. It is always fun and definitely something that I look forward to every week.

This week, I came across cosplay when I was browsing through a friend’s Halloween party pictures. Among all the cosplay outfits, I really find Lolita dresses interesting and cute. I am an all-out girl and it means I love laces, necklines, and mini dresses. It got me wondering, can I pull it this outfit off on the corporate world?

It is a good thing I found these Tidebuy Lolita dress which I think will work in the corporate setup.

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October 19

Getting Warmed In the Office

The Christmas season is in the air. The chilly wind at dawn is a first sign that the cold season is on its way. Even at the office, we can already feel the cold weather. The airconditioning is colder than usual even at lunchtimes and in the afternoons. Most of the time i find myself shivering because even my blazer can not keep me from getting cold. With this cold weather, Christmas cardigans are a must have in my closet. However, since i go to the office, i need one that can still look corporate. Here are some of the possible choices I found at Tbdress

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October 16

Inside Mom Kat’s Bag

It is time for a bag raid!

Compare the contents of your bag now that you are a mom to that of pre-motherhood. Big difference right? Before you were a mom the basic items inside your bag are most probably your makeup kit, wallet and phone. But now that you have kids, I am sure that you even try to limit these makeup kits into just lipstick  or gloss. Believe it or not, I even forget to bring a comb nowadays. Want to know what is inside my bag now? Well aside from my kid’s separate bags, here are my mommy must haves and are a frequent stuff inside my bag:
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October 12

Be a Standout with Jumpsuits in the Office

Aside from the usual blouse, skirt and dress, another good fashion must have for an office girl like me is a jumpsuit. It is non-conventional but just knowing the do’s and don’ts  will help you look chic and fabulous.Here are some of my tips:

1. Stick to plane colored suits

Prints on jumpsuits have the tendency to make it look too casual. Monochromatic shades, however, need not be boring. Choose interesting colors to make it a standout. Or if you want some print, I say choose ones in which prints are on the top part of the suit.

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August 24

Must Have Shoes for Moms

I love shoes! While some women’s  eyes ogle on bags or jewelry, I tend to get more fascinated with shoes of every shapes, size and color. It can be a statement on its own and it can make or break one’s outfit. I love how a white shirt and jeans can be chic and sophisticated when paired with a high heeled red pumps, or a vintage dress for dinners with friends becomes trendy when worn with a pair of wedges.

Before I had kids, I have cabinets full of different pairs of shoes and since I am on the petite side, most of it are heeled ones, pumps, sandals, stilettos, and clogs.

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August 19

Be a Stand Out with Printed Long Gowns

When I say prints, what comes to mind? Flower prints, Checkered, and  leopard, are probably among the patterns you have in mind, right? Interesting details for a blouse or short dresses.  But do you know that you can actually wear printed gowns on formal occasions?  Can not believe it? Here are some evening dresses from to give you an idea:


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August 18

Wedding Planning (with your Mom)

You have to admit, next to the bride, a wedding is also the mothers’ event. it is an emotional time for them as they hand over their daughters, to their respective partners for a lifelong commitment.  Often times Moms get really excited with the preparation and will definitely make suggestions and contributions to your wedding; from the guest list to the theme. As much as you want to consider all their ideas, the event is your wedding day, and you and your fiance’s ideas must win over. This sometimes create conflict between the couple and the mother of the bride.
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August 9

Organizing an Alumni Homecoming Event

Alumni homecoming is one of the most exciting post graduation event. It is when after years of not seeing each other in person and pursuing each of your dreams, you and your former classmates go back to school to catch up and celebrate your triumphs and achievements. If you were chosen to be part of the committee who will organize the Alumni Homecoming Event, you will definitely aim for it to be memorable and exciting. To help you in achieving these goals, here are steps to organize an Alumni Homecoming Event:
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